Lost Arts Radio Show #149 – Special Guest Dr. Andrew Moulden

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Heroic Brain Expert Dr. Andrew Moulden – Beyond “Risk:” Every Vaccine Does Damage

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 10/29/17

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Dr. Andrew Moulden

Two years ago, Doug Diamond and I put together our first attempt at a posthumous interview. This was the only way we could do it, as this was a guest I really wanted to get on the show, but when I discovered his great work on the vaccine issue, he was no longer physically alive. This should not have been any surprise, as Dr. Moulden was speaking openly the truth about vaccines and what they really do to the body, information we are never supposed to hear, especially from someone of Dr. Moulden’s stature and credentials.

Dr. Andrew Moulden was speaking to large public audiences and explaining that the issue with vaccines was not more testing of making them safe. The truth was (and still is) that the entire theory of vaccination is a malicious fraud, responsible for maiming and killing huge numbers of people, especially kids, since Jenner first promoted them about 1799. Yes the current “adjuvants” and other horrendous poisons intentionally put into vaccines now make them much worse, but even before any of these additives were being used, vaccines were still deadly.

Dr. Moulden also made it very clear that EVERY vaccine causes harm to the person receiving it, in the form of damage to the brain and all other organs. Dr. Moulden showed his public audiences how to recognize the signs of damage. He intended to force vaccine companies to pay for the massive damage to humanity that they had caused up to the present. As a result, he is no longer with us in physical form.

But I still wanted him on the show. So Doug and I took some of his recorded talks and cut them up (electronically), recording questions in between the segments, producing the closest thing possible to an “interview” that you can hear today as if he was in the recording studio with us in person. The resulting recording has been played on other radio shows, and has become a valuable tool for learning more about what vaccines really do. But my feeling was that too many of you have not gotten to hear that original production, so I am replaying it for you this Sunday. What Dr. Moulden has to say is so valuable in my opinion, that I hope even if you heard it the first time, you will listen and hear more detail now.

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