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Why is There a News Blackout on Deadly Plague?

After ominous warnings over the past six weeks, including credible reports of a potential pandemic, all plague news has suddenly stopped — very strangely. The above search of the UN web page for Madagascar, where this plague appears to have been released by a disgraced, mad, pandemic scientist shows a highly disturbing pattern: WHO has stopped issuing updates and information for the past five days.

Consider that under “normal” [weaponized] pandemic circumstances, whether the news in them is true or not. updates are issued continually. The sudden absence of all official news is decidedly unusual and worrisome.

Is this a  weaponized plague? Apparently so. See Dr. Laibow’s article:

This Yahoo search of “latest news” of the plague suggests censorship of plague developments. Note that all of the “latest news” is at least five days old. This search, conducted at about 7:30 PM on 30 Oct 2017, is typical: no news, and that’s very bad news.

Frankly, when the news stops this way, early in a weaponized disease outbreak, we have a lot to worry about. The Natural Solutions Foundation is taking the step of raising the alarm: keep your eyes open and your immune system ready! Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director of the Foundation, stated today,

“While under normal circumstances we would expect better fed people in wealthier societies who have access to hygiene and clean water to be less likely to die, in this case, since the disease has been weaponized, extraordinary measures like nutrient Nano Silver 10 PPM are urgently needed. The time to prepare is NOW before the disease spreads from the less-developed to more-developed countries.”

Nano Silver 10 PPM supercharges the immune system and is totally nontoxic.  It is available at:

The news blackout, of course, may end as quickly as it started. My analysis, however, is that rather than being “unnewsworthy” the situation is so serious that the public health ‘authorities’ are stonewalling to prevent public panic.

In these “interesting times” advance preparation may be the only thing that saves your life. Join the Natural Solutions Foundation email list for updates on these and other vital health freedom developments.

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