Lost Arts Radio Show #153 – Special Guest Veronica from AnUpstreamLife.com

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Vaccine Truth and Home Schooling: Veronica’s Upstream Life

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 11/26/17

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Veronica from AnUpstreamLife.com

Vaccine choice and health freedom have been high priority topics on Lost Arts Radio shows recently. Government and its partner corporations are cracking down more and more on health freedom as time goes by. California has taken away individual freedom of choice by requiring all children to be injected with every CDC recommended vaccine. Most mainstream doctors I have spoken to don’t even know what is in these poisonous cocktails. Essentia Health in Minnesota is firing nurses en masse for refusing to take a flu shot as a condition to keep their jobs. They know the flu shot does not prevent the flu, but often causes it, spreads it, and can injure or kill the person who gets the shot. It’s all based on the belief that vaccines prevent disease and are safe (https://youtu.be/ryQgt7irb9c), neither one of which is true. Because of the intense campaign of fear being waged against the public by government agencies, many who know the truth will not say it publicly, and when they call for freedom of choice in health decisions, they are also quick to add they are of course not “anti-vaccine.”

But some have the courage to tell the truth, and one of those is Veronica, parent of a vaccine-injured child and founder of the vaccine and home schooling information site, An Upstream Life (www.anupstreamlife.com). In the course of learning the truth about vaccination and the great damage it is doing to children and adults alike, Veronica realized the importance of keeping the kids out of the clutches of the state-run schools, partly to protect them from mandatory vaccinations but also to make sure they can develop their abilities to think clearly and learn, instead of being subject to indoctrination into state-approved beliefs based on false information, which is what is happening in most public schools today. On Lost Arts Radio we want to highlight the work of courageous individuals who are working to bring back freedom and improve our world. Veronica is one of those, and I’d like you to meet her on this Sunday’s show.

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