Plaguezilla Timeline: “Crisis Point”



We have been following the strange and escalating outbreak of the Plague in Madagascar and East Africa since August.

This note brings together articles that create a timeline of a growing crisis. US media is barely mentioning the Black Death, so we have brought together reports from around the world. That timeline is just below, so scroll down.

You will see a growing threat that is now being reported as having reached a “crisis point.” The Plague is only an airplane ride away from any major city on earth.

This is especially troubling as the reports show a likely weaponization of the plague, shifting its demographics from the bubolic form to the more easily spread pneumonic form. At the same time this strain of the Plague seems to have developed resistance to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

This confirms the evidence in the reports that this Plague appears to have been unleashed by a true mad scientist — both angry for being fired from being head of the “Let’s See How Easy It Is to Weaponize the Plague” program at Pasteur Institute and a mad genocidalist who seems to be involved in a death cult, in his free time, who just happened to go to Madagascar just before the outbreak….

The madness, the risk, and what you can do to protect yourself and your family is detailed in the links below.

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