Lost Arts Radio Show #173 – Special Guest Jordan Belanger

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Is The John Birch Society As Evil As We’re Told? JBS Rep Jordan Belanger Tells The Real Story

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 4/15/18

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Jordan Belanger

Like many Americans, I was taught in the 1960’s that the John Birch Society (www.jbs.org) was a bunch of crazy people, who thought Communists, like little green men, were hiding under every bed, around every corner, just waiting to jump out and do whatever Communists do, which was never specified. I didn’t question it at the time, and later got distracted with other issues, though what I did hear about JBS positions on issues actually sounded pretty reasonable.

The subject came up for me just recently when candidate for California governor Peter Valentino (https://youtu.be/Xv6d230louA) asked my opinion on the positions of JBS. I had to say I would check them out and get back to him. In the course of “checking them out,” I thought, well this is a group I want to know more about. They are so hated by the mainstream media and groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, that they must be doing something good. I called their main office in Wisconsin and arranged for one of their spokesmen, Jordan Belanger, to be a guest on Lost Arts Radio. So we get to hear directly from someone on the inside who knows, what is JBS really about, what do they believe, and what projects are they doing? Are they as crazy as we’ve been told?

I think this will be an interesting discussion, one I should really have had before now. As I’ve said before, I trust authorities and the media. They would normally not warn us about something and how bad it is, unless there was some real value there. Think about some of the things they warn us about. Stay out of the sun. Don’t drink raw milk. Don’t eat any high fat foods. Think of what they say we absolutely need. Flu shots. Chemotherapy. Geoengineering to save the Earth from global warming. Yes I trust the government implicitly, and should have had this conversation years ago. I think it will be fun, and it’s this Sunday’s show.

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