Lost Arts Radio Show #208 – Special Guest Alex Newman

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UN Climate Change Conference 2018 – Alex Newman’s Report From Poland

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 12/16/18

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Alex Newman

With the United Nations Katowice Climate Change Conference happening in Poland, the very people proposing to save the Earth by stabilizing the climate in a healthy condition, are in fact trying to justify the end of sovereign nations, the end of individual freedom, and the rise of world tyranny with total surveillance and control over every part of your life. It’s for your protection, security and happiness of course. But the hidden end game, as we have discussed before, is destruction of life on our planet. Man-made climate change is of course real and it is a serious threat to life on Earth. But it’s being engineered and caused by the same top rulers who are behind these conferences. They are implementing total climate disruption via geoengineering, at the same time as unleashing massive poisoning of the entire web of life. No doubt, most of the programmed, brainwashed, highly “educated” participants in the program actually believe they are working to save the world, and have essentially no understanding of what is going on, or who they are really working for.

But those the top levels of power are quite clear that the goal is the exact opposite. Alex Newman (www.thenewamerican.com), foreign correspondent for the New American Magazine, will be with us from Poland for this show, and then again soon when the conference is over to recap developments. Alex has been our guest on Lost Arts Radio several times (one example: https://youtu.be/ksxZYkfO5yg) and his insights are always valuable and informative. I think you will appreciate his appearance in this show now, and also the one at the end of the conference. I hope you’ll be there to enjoy our discussion as he returns to share all the latest conference news with our audience.

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