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The Real Story on Chlorine Dioxide, aka “MMS” – Healing Autism and More, with Kerri Rivera

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 12/23/18

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Kerri Rivera

Is Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) a health miracle or is all the talk about how great it is just hype? Time to find out. I first heard about MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) about ten years ago. Jim Humble was promoting it as a cure for malaria and a wide range of other health conditions. I ignored it, thinking it did not come direct from nature, and I was concerned it could be toxic, either immediately or in the long run. My own experimental research, going back to the mid 1960’s, focuses on health and consciousness protocols in harmony with nature. It seemed to me that Chlorine Dioxide, in spite of all the great testimonials from those who had benefited from its use, lay outside of that realm.

But lately I have been realizing that something is missing in the results from the best of natural protocols. Recovery rates from degenerative disease, for example, are very good using natural approaches, but they could be better. Even on 100% raw food and other elements of the detox and rebuilding instructions found in the Essene Gospel of Peace, Book One (which you can read at https://spiritual-minds.com/religion/Gnosticts/Essene%20Gospel%20of%20Peace1.pdf) and other great health teachers’ lifestyle programs, I have a feeling results could be even better.

Recently I watched a video on the successful recovery by hundreds of children from autism, using natural diet protocols, plus one extra ingredient for the detox. That ingredient was Chlorine Dioxide, MMS.

I knew I had to investigate. It wanted to find out the real story on MMS. Is it dangerous or safe? Is it a miraculous healing tool? If so, what exactly does it do, and how can we make the best use of it? Can it really help heal autism? I found an ideal person to answer these questions and more. Kerri Rivera (www.cdautism.com) has been working with autism cases for many years, and has done some incredible work with Chlorine Dioxide. She knows from experience what it will and won’t do, and how safe it really is for the human body. Here’s your chance to meet her and hear the answers yourself. I have yet to confirm what she has to say with my own experience, but it looks like this could be massively important.

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