Lost Arts Radio Show #228 – Special Guests Heather Scott and Scott Herndon

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Heather Scott and Scott Herndon – CPS Home “Visits:” What Are Your Rights?

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 5/5/19

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Heather Scott

Heather Scott (www.voteheatherscott.com) has been a guest on Lost Arts Radio before. She is a Representative for the people in her district in northern Idaho, and amazingly is working in this capacity to truly serve the people of her state, protect their freedoms, keep government in its place as their servants, and honor her oath to protect and defend the Constitutions of the United States and her state of Idaho. Because Heather is focused on protecting individual freedoms, she is interested in the activities of agencies like Child Protective Services, operating under various names in different states of the U.S.

While CPS has had some history of actually protecting children from harm, they have become best known for kidnapping children from their homes when the parents made a choice in their best judgment not to accept chemotherapy for a child with cancer, or perhaps not to accept a vaccination known to carry the risk of great harm or death, or any of a number of other reasons including unacceptable styles of home-schooling, or even not feeling that the parents were keeping their home environment up to standards of CPS inspectors. There has been a lot of abuse by CPS, sometimes leading to injury or death (documented on many sites such as www.medicalkidnap.com). Many government agencies, including CPS, have morphed into mini-governments of their own, often mis-representing their authority and enforcing “policies” at gunpoint as de-facto laws.Scott Herndon

One of Heather Scott’s constituents, Scott Herndon (www.idahocps.org), had a recent encounter with CPS, and called on Heather for support during the experience. Because Scott had taken the time to research relevant laws and had also made a point of establishing relationships with local law enforcement, he was able to successfully negotiate the “visits” from CPS and avoid damage to any of his children or having his own rights trampled, though the agency did their best to bully him into agreeing to things he knew were wrong. I think you will find Scott’s story inspiring and a good reminder to become aware of the rights that you already have. Knowing how to use them could have a major effect on your life. If we don’t know our rights, it’s about the same effect as not having them.

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