Towards an “Immune System Science”

Pasteur vs Bechamp — Pathogen vs Biological Terrain
“I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything.” [1]

We have to move away from the “germ theory” to something of the sort “immune system science.”

It can be shown that there is a clear link between malnutrition and disease. This is a paper that is showing this profound link. What they are saying is that under-nutrition, “is the leading cause of global burden of disease.”[2]

They are showing that the malnutrition statistics of deaths of children in the world are directly linked to the disease statistics.

Deaths attributable to under-nutrition encompass 53% of all childhood deaths,” in the world. At the same time, “among the principal causes of death in young children, 60.7% of deaths as a result of diarrhea, 52.3% of deaths as a result of pneumonia, 44.8% of deaths as a result of measles, and 57.3% of deaths as a result of malaria are attributable to under-nutrition (my italics).”

What they are saying is that alone malnutrition is the cause of 44.8% of the deaths resulting from measles. What about bad drinking water, no heating, no air conditioning, no sewage systems, city air pollution, EMF exposure, radioactive elements in fluoride, microwave ovens making food more carcinogenic, etc. If 44.8% of all measles deaths are caused by malnutrition, what would be the number with complete, holistic lifestyle changes?

Clearly, the statistics will show that the cause of measles deaths has to do more with immune system/lifestyle problems and not because of a germ. If there is an exception to a rule, then there is no rule. The mantra that measles causes death can’t be proven, you can only show a correlation. There, obviously, are bigger factors involved.

Andy Goodpaster


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