Lost Arts Radio Show #28 – Special Guests Shane Trejo and Ingri Cassel

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10th Amendment Center’s Shane Trejo – Also: Vaccination Liberation’s Director, Ingri Cassel

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 7/18/15

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Shane TrejoContinuing the theme of freedom as a primary requirement for our health, this week’s show features two more world-class freedom fighters: Shane Trejo, founder and director of the Michigan 10th Amendment Center, and Ingri Cassel, Director of Vaccination Liberation.

As founder and state director of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center (www.tenthamendmentcenter.com), Shane Trejo works to promote the decentralization of government power in the Wolverine State. He is also the National Campaign Lead for Peace on our Streets (www.peaceonourstreets.com), a campaign that works for marijuana and industrial hemp reform in state legislatures across the country. Previously, he led the Offnow Project to deny much needed state-level compliance and material support to the NSA.

Ingri CasselIngri Cassel is the director of Vaccination Liberation, a national grassroots association dedicated to providing difficult to access information on vaccinations so that one can make the only truly informed choice, complete avoidance and refusal. Vaccination Liberation is an all volunteer association that was founded in 1998 and has grown to 20 state chapters throughout the country. You can visit their websites at www.VaccineTruth.com, www.VaccineTruth.net and www.VacLib.org. The work of Vaccination Liberation is a critically important piece of the national resistance to laws mandating forced vaccination, and Ingri’s unique talent for expressing a clear understanding of vaccination and why it must be avoided and its spread stopped before it harms more innocent children (and then the rest of us) makes her a key player in the effort to stop the vaccine companies from achieving their goal to vaccinate all of us to our great detriment, while at the same time taking no responsibility for the consequences.

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