Lost Arts Radio Show #29 – Special Guests Michael Shaw and Ronnie Cummins

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Globalism and Agenda 21 with Michael Shaw plus Fighting GMO’s with Ronnie Cummins

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 7/25/15

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Michael ShawThis week’s superstar show begins with Freedom Advocates (www.freedomadvocates.org) founder and president Michael Shaw, breaking down for us the danger and workings of Agenda 21 that is aggressively taking over America and other countries around the world, one community at a time, pretending to be doing this in order to “save the environment.” Knowing every intelligent person supports taking care of our environment, which is our life support system on Earth, the Agenda 21 architects figure we are not smart enough to recognize their counterfeit version of this concern. In a special in-depth interview granted to Lost Arts Radio, Michael explains some of the various identities and labels the Agenda 21 global project has assumed so it will be harder for us to recognize in time to stop the damage.

Agenda 21 is not talked about by conventional media because it is owned by corporations that hope to benefit from this globalist takeover. It is also not talked about by our fake “representatives” in government because they are controlled by those same industries and that is whom they work for, not you and me. The educational system does not expose Agenda 21, because it is now federally controlled in America, and that allows it to teach global citizenship, total surveillance and control, instead of individual freedom. Agenda 21 plans to remove not only local control and self-determination, but also national self-determination, and replace them by global dictatorship, ruling over every minute aspect of your life. You need to be aware of this plan, it is far advanced at this point, and its perpetrators intend to complete their program before we even know what is happening.

Ronnie CumminsFollowing our amazing interview with Michael Shaw, we have the honor and privilege of speaking up close and personal with our friend Ronnie Cummins, the National Director of the Organic Consumers Association (www.organicconsumers.org) about the GMO issue in America as part of the overall effort to take the poisons out of our food supply and bring back normal food production and a healthier life for Americans and for people all over the world. GMO’s have been shown clearly to be lethal in themselves, but also they come with a radical increase in the use of deadly pesticides for crops such as “roundup-ready” corn, soybeans, and others, and this is in addition to contaminating the environment with corrupted DNA of the GMO plants.

In this discussion, we get a chance to talk with Ronnie about the Pompeo bill, which would outlaw requirements for GMO labeling, which just passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. This is a clear demonstration that our “representatives” work for the global corporations who are killing us, they do not work for us. We talk with Ronnie also about solutions to the global problem we are all facing, as well as good news and positive developments happening, with more people becoming aware of the need to counter the attack on our existence by the globalists. Your participation in turning things in a positive direction in the world has never been more urgently needed.

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