Unmasking Livestream Generates Furor. Good! Be Where You Are Told NOT to Be!


Opinion by Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation September 25, 2020

LIVESTREAM Saturday, September 26, 2020 7 PM Eastern. BE THERE to learn what the masker propagandists absolutely do not want you to know, or even suspect.


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I wanted to share a couple of emails I just received in response to our most recent notice of the Unmasked Crusader Livestream invitation we just sent out to our hundreds of thousands of newsletter subscribers and my answers.  I know well that if you attempt to correct an official orthodoxy, whether medical or political or allegedly ‘scientific’, you will get outraged howls of defense from believers.  That is standard.

The discourse comes in two flavors: at least seemingly rational (see the first email and response below) and irrationally vitriolic and emotionality (see the second).

The first email is headed “To one doctor from another:” and then goes on:


A doctor promoting no masks, which exposes others to the asymptomatic Covid-19 infection I may be carrying.  That approaches manslaughter if the one I infect dies.  Are you doing this just to make money for yourself?  What happened to your oath “ above all, do no harm”?


The letter is clearly not in favor of engaging in the scientific data examination we’ll do tomorrow night and filled with factual and emotional errors, but at least it is comprehensible, unlike some (keep reading).

Here is my response:


I suggest you attend the webinar since your information is incorrect and, in the spirit of “first, do no harm” it is incumbent upon you to have the correct information.

Bacterial diseases, not viral ones, are controlled through the use of masks.
Your supposition about the protection masks confer for carriers or active patients are not based in science, but in propagandized pseudo-science, ginned up for purposes other than disease control.
Viral transmission and masks have been studied carefully for at least the last 5 decades and, alas, the conclusions are clear: they are not an effective measure.
Have you actually checked the research? We will be talking about it on Saturday.  
Further, there are a very large number of people, a majority of the US population, as it happens, for whom masking is anything but benign.  
At least 54% of the US population, if their diagnoses have any validity.
So, not for shame do I raise my head and my voice to dispute the official, and incorrect narrative on evidence- and science-based grounds.
Again, I invite you to join us. Lives are at stake and we physicians have a moral responsibility to do all we can, even if it means shedding our previously held, personal beliefs in favor of science, truth and good medicine.
Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

And, again,

What is the big problem with wearing masks? I really don’t understand why people continue to have issues with that. The vaccine part I understand as there are risks with that. If the masks can even help a little bit why wouldn’t one wear one?  Its not that big a deal. In Asian cultures they wear masks as a courtesy when they have a simple cold. 
To which I answered,
Dear [Email name, Redacted]

Actually, there are quite serious problems although mask wearing is being presented as both effective in preventing viral transmission (it is not) and benign (it is not).  We will be discussing the science-based issues involved so people can decide what they want to do for themselves.
Please join us for more information.
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

Then there is the second type, the vitriolic anatomically impossible suggestion type , for example, NOTE: The original language of the next letter remains.  Some may find it unacceptable.
[No Salutation]
You fucking lunatics; stop spreading your bullshit. People are dead and dying and you are the problem, not the solution..fuck off!
[No Signature]
And my reply:
Dear [Email Name, Redacted],
Would you like me to fuck off because you dispute the scientific information that we disseminate or the health freedom that we support?
I strongly suggest that you use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email you were so bestirred by to unsubscribe yourself.
If, by the way, you would like to tell me just what you find so offensive in offering people science-based information about a controversial public health measure, I would be happy to know what it is.
Otherwise, just unsubscribe yourself to further isolate yourself from actual information.  For clarification, is that the equivalent of you fucking off from our list?
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

The point, of course, is that the official narrative is carefully designed propaganda, not science, designed to trigger adherence, even among those who think that they are thinking for themselves.

If you cannot tolerate the thought that new information might, just might, expand your thought process or conclusions, then you are not thinking, although you believe that you are.  You are responding to successful propaganda just as you are intended to.  You have drunk the Kool Aid

Natural Solutions Foundation tried very hard to be a Kool Aide antidote

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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