Lost Arts Radio Show #313 – Special Guest Joel Skousen

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Where Does America Go From Here? Future Insights From Joel Skousen

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 12/20/20

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Joel Skousen

Joel Skousen (www.worldaffairsbrief.com), author of The Secure Home and Strategic Relocation, is also the editor of a globally-respected newsletter on national and world developments, analyzing major events in history as they unfold. Joel did a series of shows on Lost Arts Radio on the History Of The Deep State (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuWEXtscCu1Siyn4RZOwTZt2iHUCCTpEi), and has been a guest on our show many times. Recently, Joel was also our guest on our Saturday show, Lost Arts Radio Live, and when he was done analyzing the current world situation, many of our listeners were feeling that in the future lies only darkness. Is that really what Joel foresees for us looking into the years ahead? To find out, Joel will be back this Sunday to get deeper into his view of the time in history that we’re entering right now.

There is no doubt that we’re witnessing the greatest worldwide coordinated attack on humanity in our known history. One of its main visible faces now is medical tyranny (https://brandnewtube.com/watch/ask-the-experts-covid-19-vaccine-now-banned-on-youtube-and-facebook_qIsNohSIeSgfz2J.html), justified by a completely fake pandemic as the excuse to destroy any residual prosperity and freedom worldwide. Whether Joel’s detailed predictions for the future turn out to be accurate or not, in my view we are in a consciousness test right now, and it is not too late for us to pass the test and change the course of humanity’s future for the better.

The highest priority of the real top level global rulers is to make sure we stay imprisoned by a kind of hypnosis, allowing them to complete their agenda of planetary extermination. They know our awakening would ruin their plans to eliminate life on our planet, because we would not fall for fake pandemics, their programs to make us hate and fear each other, poisonous medical and agricultural systems, fake education and “science” or any other parts of their program to get us to destroy ourselves. To me, this is our confirmation of what should be our first priority, throw off the toxic programming and regain our forgotten normal, fully conscious state. We get that back, and the destruction of our world no longer has to happen.

So this Sunday, let’s get some clarity on what Joel sees in our future. Any of our listeners who would like to take a look at a copy of Joel’s newsletter free of charge can send an email to editor@worldaffairsbrief.com and request a free copy. Overall, let’s regain our normal state of good physical health and clear self-awareness, so whatever may lie ahead, we’ll be in shape to respond with our full, energized capabilities.

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