#DontYouDare! Apologizes to FaceBook – Hilarious! Must Watch!

Both Counsel Ralph and Natural Solutions Foundation have been banned from Facebook. Comedian JP tells Facebook he’s sorry for “Violating Community Standards”, whatever they were on that particular day, perfectly.

We could not have said it better.  Thanks, JP!

2 thoughts on “#DontYouDare! Apologizes to FaceBook – Hilarious! Must Watch!

  1. That is awesome, and true too. I use blue blocker sunglasses because the man made blue light really does hurt the eyes. Of course in the communist propaganda news rag “Parade” magazine they had an article that claimed that it’s all poppycock that man made blue light was bad for the eyes, instead they blamed the increase of macular degeneration on- you guessed it- Mr. SUN!

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