Lost Arts Radio Show #332 – Special Guest J.B. Williams

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Reviving Liberty & Constitutional Justice – Meet The North American Law Center’s J.B. Williams

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 5/2/21

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The united States of America was founded as a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. The commonly used phrase “our democracy,” is inappropriate in reference to the American nation. The foundations of the new country were based on acknowledgement and support of the natural rights of all people everywhere, not just American citizens. America was to be a country whose citizens were secure in their freedoms, which were known to be inalienable, never to be lost in any situation, even “emergencies,” which any tyrant could declare.

It was understood, and stated in America’s founding documents, that all people’s inherent rights come from God, not from any government or other human authority. In America, the first States were essentially independent countries. There were 13 of these in an alliance called a confederation. They got together and established the original nation, called the united States of America, and declared their independence.

What used to be called “civics” and taught to all American school children has not been taught for many years now. Instead, the schools teach globalism to the children from a young age. The kids learn that America is bad, an evil, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic country, ruled by vicious and evil white racist men. They learn about wealth redistribution, the basics of Marxism, the unfairness of having to work, that everything is about race, the family is bad, and that everyone is entitled to be given all that they need by the government, which should steal what is needed from those who have assets, to lead everyone into a Communist Utopia, the same beautiful vision that has created paradise on earth in socially just countries like North Korea and Venezuela.

Now the global assault on individual freedom has come into blatant visibility under the guise of a worldwide “pandemic” based on fraud and medical tyranny. Suddenly we have a new class of unelected rulers who are above governments and above the law. In America, as in other countries all over the world, this is declared to be legitimate because it is for our health and protection.

Except for one thing. Our freedom is based on Natural Rights, and is not a temporary privilege that is subject to suspensions in “emergencies.” J.B. Williams runs The North American Law Center, known officially as a “legal research organization” (www.northamericanlawcenter.org). Their work is to help put America back on track to live up to the ideals of the Founders, “fighting for individual liberty and Constitutional justice” (www.tnalc.org). They are not widely known, but should be. J.B. and his team are friends of ours that most of us have not had the pleasure to meet. J.B. will be here to remedy that this Sunday.

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