India COVID Vaxx Deaths Surge


The Northern Truth Seeker Blog posted the above astounding chart with this warning:

Please note in the chart above WHEN the widespead ‘inoculation’ via the KILL SHOTS starts on November 2nd, 2020… And realize that today is now May 2nd, 2021, which is exactly 6 full months after those initial jabs.. And the facts do not lie, as we are now seeing a SKYROCKETING amount of deaths starting nearly ‘right on cue’ as I and so many others have predicted..

And… Now here in Canada, and even down in the US, we are now entering month 6 since these KILL SHOTS have been ‘rolled out’ back in December of last year.. And note that we are now seeing an ‘uptick’ in new ‘cases’ across Canada of ‘new variants’ of this supposedly ‘deadly virus’?  Is there a link to the fact that the deadly KILL SHOTS may indeed be doing its damage here in this nation as well? ABSOLUTELY!

INDIA is showing how devastating these KILL SHOTS are, and we are only beginning to see that same level of damage here in this nation now… Facts are facts, and we are in for one hell of lot of deaths and sickness from these KILL SHOTS over the next while right here in Canada…. And of course the lying whore media and our crooked and evil governments will blame it on ‘new variants’ and demand EVERYONE to take their shots of certain death…

I do hope that this message gets out to everyone that you all possibly can… We are in for a world of hurt, and the only solution is to STOP all KILL SHOT injections into everyone immediately…

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