Lost Arts Radio Show #38 – Special Guests Jeffrey Smith and Katrina Blair

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Jeffrey Smith: GMO Update, and Katrina Blair: Wild Foods, Nature and Health

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 9/26/15

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Jeffrey SmithThis week, Lost Arts Radio welcomes a longtime world leader in the effort to educate the public to the dangers of GMO food and genetically engineered organisms in agriculture, so that informed consumers can turn the tide and remove GMO’s from the food supply by voting with our dollars. Jeffrey Smith is the author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette, and is the founder of Institute for Responsible Technology (www.responsibletechnology.org). He also has a new movie coming out, “Secret Ingredients”, and support is needed to finish production. Please go to www.secretingredientsmovie.com, to see how you can help hasten its urgently needed public release. Jeffrey is here to explain to us how the battle for GMO free and pesticide free food is being won by the rise in consumer awareness and the change in buying patterns, even as the biotech companies with a complicit and cooperative Congress do their best to promote GMO’s and protect them from the constituents they are supposed to serve. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear an in-depth explanation of what is really going on in the national and worldwide efforts to keep GMO’s out of the food supply from the man most qualified to let you see behind the scenes in this top priority health issue.

Katrina BlairNext we move from our hopeful news in the GMO fight, to insights into the beauty and health benefits of wild foods and a lifestyle in harmony with nature, from one of the great proponents of natural living who demonstrates what she teaches in her own life. Katrina Blair, founder of the Turtle Lake Refuge (www.turtlelakerefuge.org), takes us on an imaginary journey to meet the thirteen common wild plants that can be found throughout most of the world, and refers us to their pictures and more details on her website. Turtle Lake Refuge has inspired local government in the area to forsake some of their chemical methods of park management in favor of the organic methods Katrina and the devoted Turtle Lake Refuge personnel have been able to demonstrate for them. To accomplish this kind of turnaround requires uncommon patience and vision of life in harmony with the earth, but Turtle Lake Refuge has shown that it can be done, and they are doing it in many ways that Katrina walks us through in such a realistic, direct manner, that we can almost taste her wild and live food creations and want to show up at the Turtle Lake Refuge Local Wild Life Café for our next meal, and visit the farm. Preppers and others interested in how to increase food security in the event of unpleasant changes that could occur in the current supply chain of food stores will not want to miss Katrina’s presentation of how to use the available wild foods right at our feet that we may never have even noticed before. Visit the website to order Katrina’s books and to discover the wide variety of restorative and educational activities of Turtle Lake Refuge, including the class offerings from Katrina both in the Durango area, and wherever Katrina is invited to travel and teach.

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