Lost Arts Radio Show #39 – Special Guests John Kohler and Tasha Lee

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John Kohler – Greens and Fruit for Health and Vitality, and Tasha Lee – A Fruitarian Diabetic’s Journey to Recovery from Epilepsy and more

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 10/3/15

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John KohlerJohn Kohler (www.growingyourgreens.com) is the internationally known YouTube and social media personality (https://www.youtube.com/user/growingyourgreens/featured) who has inspired millions around the world to take responsibility for improving their health and well-being by growing some or all of their own fresh organic food. Even people who have no outdoor space available have been guided by John in how to grow their own healthy greens indoors, getting back in touch with nature and boosting their health in the process. In this special in-depth visit, John talks to Lost Arts Radio about a wide range of important and relevant topics and gives us tools and ideas for upgrading our own nutrition, mental clarity and emotional satisfaction, by getting back in touch with what nature has waiting to offer us as soon as we are ready to appreciate and use it. Make sure to visit John’s “OK Raw” YouTube Channel for a wealth of information that will inspire you to try the raw, healthy lifestyle for yourself (https://www.youtube.com/user/okraw).

Tasha LeeAfter an exciting and informative visit with John Kohler, our next guest is our inspirational friend Tasha Lee (www.tashalee.org), author of Healing Diabetes With Fruit. Tasha drops by to share with us her story of her adventures and challenges learning how to successfully address diabetes, epilepsy and a host of connected physical and emotional challenges at the same time. Her course of learning and action has required courage, persistence and keen observation, but she has ended up with knowledge that can help others through the health coaching and inspiration that she offers to people that come to her with problems like the ones she had to overcome in her own life. Tasha explains how she learned to use a raw diet of mostly fruit to eliminate her epilepsy and manage her diabetes, and the trials she had to get through on the way to what she finally incorporated into her everyday life. She tells us a story that is about much more than just physical changes, and shares with us the complete change in attitude toward life that kept her going through the hardest times and now gives her so much encouragement to offer others to help them through their own darkest times before the dawn. Tasha’s coaching is available at http://www.tashalee.org/coaching.html.

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