Lost Arts Radio Show #41 – Bryan Terry and LaVoy Finicum with Cliven Bundy

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Courage and Honesty in State Government with Dr. Bryan Terry, and Bringing Freedom Back to America with LaVoy Finicum and Cliven Bundy

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 10/17/15

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Bryan Terry

On this super special Lost Arts Radio show, we focus on freedom as a primary requirement for health. While Lost Arts Radio remains committed to exposing criminal activity under color of law in government because it is antithetical to human and societal health, we also believe it is imperative to recognize and support individuals who are in government offices for the right reasons. Reasons like reminding us all that the legitimate function of government is the protection of our individual freedoms and rights, not controlling and surveilling our personal lives. Lost Arts Radio continues the search for outstanding patriots in government office (send us your nominations for this recognition), and this week is pleased to present Dr. Bryan Terry, state representative in the Tennessee legislature, who is working to honor his Oath of Office and protecting the God-given rights and freedoms of his constituents. We hope that our visit this week with Dr. Bryan Terry will inspire other Americans to get involved in the effort to bring government back into line with its true purpose in America. We are grateful to Dr. Bryan Terry for the spirit of his work in the Tennessee legislature, and showing us by his example that it is possible for individual citizens with the right motivation to get into office and help heal America with the messages of freedom, mutual respect and Constitutional government.

LaVoy Finicum

The second half of this week’s show will be to honor individual private citizens who are willing to put their lives and livelihoods on the line to bring personal freedom back to America and who realize the priority of protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, just as our elected leaders swear to do, even though so many break their oaths immediately upon taking office. Lost Arts Radio is honored to have as our guests this week LaVoy Finicum and Cliven Bundy. LaVoy and Cliven are ranchers in Arizona and Nevada, respectively, who are taking a stand against illegal activity by the federal government, so that others may follow their example in demanding that the government servants who work for us all actually follow the Constitution, which they swear to obey.

Many of us who did hear about the now famous standoff that occurred at the Bundy ranch between federal officials and local citizens may not understand in detail the issues that inspired so many to risk their lives in standing up for the truth. And still fewer may be fully aware of how those same principles are driving others like LaVoy Finicum to stand up and continue the work required to bring back freedom and Constitutional government to America, and by example, to the rest of the world.

Cliven Bundy

LaVoy Finicum and Cliven Bundy deserve not only our appreciation, but also our active support of their efforts to return freedom to America, and putting the same principles into action in our everyday lives.

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