Lost Arts Radio Show #49 – Guests Russ Tanner, Max Bliss and Patrick Roddie

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Paris Climate Conference Insights with Russ Tanner, Max Bliss and Patrick Roddie

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 12/19/15

Russ TannerWhat really happened at the Paris Climate Conference? Was it actually about climate, or was that a cover for a deeper real agenda? On the surface, it was promoted as a gathering of world leaders out of genuine concern for the future of our planet, focused on the issue of the threat to all life on Earth posed by “climate change.”

Yet what really is climate change? Even a little study shows us that climate has been changing since the Earth was first created, and it still is today. The United Nations is warning that the climate is getting steadily warmer, and this could cause ultimate catastrophe. Many scientists believe this, and others believe the climate is getting cooler. Both sides present their data. Either one could destroy the biosphere, with us in it.

Increasingly, there is a shift on the part of those warning us of impending disaster from global warming to warning instead about “climate change.” The warning against climate change stands, regardless of whether temperatures are going up or down, as long as there is change, which is a pretty safe bet to continue indefinitely.

What do the world rulers want to do because of the threat of climate change? They want us to pay global taxes and submit to supranational governing agencies to totally monitor and control every aspect of our lives. Will this stop climate change? Well no, but it will be a tremendous step forward for mankind toward world tyranny.

Max BlissDamaging climate disruption is undoubtedly happening, and is an authentic threat to the biosphere. But the most direct cause of the problem is the dumping of toxic metal nanoparticles over almost every country in the world on a daily basis, in the most massive and highly coordinated attack against humanity that has ever occurred. This week’s show features three world class experts on this attack program, otherwise known as geoengineering, or chemtrails. Patrick Roddie and Max Bliss are serious and devoted anti-geoengineering researchers focusing on health effects and history, respectively, and each of them has a vast knowledge base on this critical subject to share. Patrick RoddieRuss Tanner, with a lifetime of sky and aircraft observation and a rare physical sensitivity to the ongoing toxic spraying, is the owner of www.globalskywatch.com, and devotes his life full time to spreading awareness of this pressing life and death issue, working to find solutions to get it to stop. The show this week will provide you with exceptional direct insight into how our rulers are doing their best to make geoengineering and global control an inescapable permanent feature of our lives, and what our options may be to avoid this fate.

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