Lost Arts Radio Show #50 – Special Guest Dr. Gabriel Cousens

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The Lessons Begin with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 12/26/15

Dr. Gabriel CousensDr. Gabriel Cousens, (www.treeoflifecenterus.com) is one of those brilliant and exemplary medical doctors who has made it through the extensive, extremely demanding and stressful medical education system with his common sense, interest in exploring outside the box, and spiritual insight intact. Such people tend to become great teachers of health on all levels. While it is easier and more common for medical students to succumb to the programming and indoctrination of the government agencies, drug industry and their allies during medical school, we are privileged to have a number of great medical doctors who have gone through the system and come out as inventive, intelligent and open-minded to new discoveries as they were before their training, sometimes even more so. They are people who know that real education is lifelong, there is always more to learn, they remain open to correcting mistakes, and that real science is never “settled.”

This week, Dr. Gabriel Cousens begins what will be a series of lessons in natural health, according to his many years of research and practice as a holistic physician. Tune in and benefit from his experience and wisdom. More installments of these lessons are planned throughout the remainder of 2016. Lost Arts Radio welcomes your feedback on these events. Write to us: richard@lostartsradio.com. We’ll read them all and respond to as many as possible.

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