Lost Arts Radio Show #55 – Special Guests Gil Gillenwater and Jessica Ireland

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What Can One Person Do? Inspiration from Gil Gillenwater and Jessica Ireland

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 1/30/16

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Much of the news and information we bring you at Lost Arts Radio, on subjects that impact your health and well being, is about things going on in the world around us that need to be understood, but are not necessarily very encouraging in themselves, to say the least. We cover these things to provide education and give you knowledge that will be valuable to you in your life and the decisions that you have to make every day. You need to stay strong and focused inside on what inspires you, so that learning about what’s going on does not knock you off balance emotionally. The ability to maintain this balance is a vital skill you need to maintain at all times.

But we also like to bring you examples of positive solutions and actions you can take to bring happiness and health into your life and have a positive impact on those around you. That’s why we’ve had elected officials and others on the show from positions of power where we often see corruption, but these people are using their positions to show good character and real service to humanity. Gil GillenwaterAnd there are also people who are just like us, in no particular official position, and whose names are not known, but they find ways to make a huge contribution to the world by realizing that giving to others is the real way to give the most to ourselves. Whoever tries this approach learns that it literally is the most selfish or self-serving thing we can do, in the best sense of the word, where everyone wins.

Jessica IrelandGil Gillenwater (www.ranchofeliz.com) and Jessica Ireland (www.wecanbreakthecycle.com) are inspiring examples of what any of us can do when we decide stop waiting and do something to give back to life. We think you will appreciate and enjoy Gil and Jessica sharing their stories of how they found ways to make a difference in the lives of children living in extreme poverty. Both started with very little, and are now helping to heal the lives of kids and their families in a big way. Study their websites and take their examples of what you can do to heart. You can find a way to do something just as amazing, in whatever life situation you are in right now.

Join me, your host Richard Sacks, every week for fascinating discussions, amazing guests and useful information that you will not want to miss. If you want to help keep Lost Arts Radio on the air, please donate to our efforts at www.lostartsradio.com, and tell others about the show. On our site you will find  links to the radio show archives, our articles, educational resources, announcements, and other features you will enjoy and learn from. Also on the site, be sure to sign up for our free newsletter for additional information that goes out only to our newsletter subscribers.

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