“Zika Panic” Warning from Retired US Intelligence Chief

Santiago de Chile – 04 February 2016: Maj. General Albert N. Stubblebine (US Army, Ret.), President of Natural Solutions Foundationissues a public warning regarding the alleged Zika Virus, Birth Defect connection:

Gen.BertAny link between the Zika Virus and the horrendous outbreak of microencephaly in Brazil is merely an allegation, and is no way proven. This unproven allegation is neither a proper logical nor legal basis for the WHO Global Health Emergency Declaration. Rather, the best evidence is that the Rockefeller Institute’s proprietary Zika Virus does not cause birth defects like microcephaly but aluminum in vaccines and toxic chemicals like Roundup® can, and do, for example, in Brazil. But the failed GMO mosquitoes which are spreading the closely related Dengue and Zika viruses have given the pro-vax loonies a magnificent excuse to “Protect” us from our health and from our freedom.” General Bert


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