Lost Arts Radio Show #56 – Special Guests Ralph Fucetola and Edwin Vieira

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How To Bring Back Freedom and Constitutional Government In America with Ralph Fucetola and Edwin Vieira

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 2/6/16

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Ralph Fucetola, J.D.Tonight, we begin a critically important discussion on Lost Arts Radio about how to peacefully get back to the principles of individual freedom upon which America was originally founded, with our special guests Ralph Fucetola, J.D. (www.drrimatruthreports.com) and Edwin Vieira, J.D. (www.newswithviews.com/Vieira/edwinA.htm) — with the primary job of government being to protect our individual freedoms to believe, think, speak, act and live however we choose for ourselves, as long as we respect the rights of everyone else to do the same. The fate of America, now very far from a land of the free, and of humanity as a whole, hangs by a thread in many ways. We have looked at a lot of them on the Lost Arts Radio shows up to now.

The problem is that most of those problems that threaten humanity are being intentionally designed and generated by those who rule our country and the world, and they intend to reach their goals of destroying us, no matter what may stand in their way. They actually hope we adopt violent means to resist their numerous crimes, because then that becomes their excuse to destroy us all the more quickly, en masse, in the name of security.Edwin Vieira, J.D.

That approach on our part will not work to produce any results we would want. But that does not mean there are no peaceful solutions that could succeed, and it is up to us to get in touch with our innate creativity and think of them. Our time for doing that is almost over, but we believe it is not yet too late.

Originally this show was supposed to investigate solutions in the legal realm that might force government back into its Constitutionally prescribed areas of operation. That’s why two top attorneys are our guests. But the ideas proposed by one of our guests will lead to a very different direction of discussion, and we want you to be with us as we see where our brilliant guests take this incredibly urgent issue, underlying most of the other issues we are aware of. In other words, as our time remaining to avert disaster on planet Earth counts down to zero, what can we do in the U.S. that will succeed peacefully, for everyone’s benefit, not having to deal with one issue at a time but approaching them all together, and set an example for people everywhere at the same time? What do you think? This discussion is only the first of a planned series, to include not only other top world-class attorneys, but surprise guests whose input you will want to hear.

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