4,250% Increase in Fetal Deaths Reported to VAERS After Flu Shot Given to Pregnant Women


Documents reveal that between 2009 & 2010 the mercury combined flu shots have caused a massive increase in adverse reactions according to data received from the National Coalition of Organized Women, (NCOW). According to Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems, there has been a 4,250% Increase in Fetal Deaths Reported to VAERS After Flu jabs were Given to Pregnant Women. CDC recommend’s the multiple-strain, inactivated flu vaccine containing mercury (Thimerosal) to all pregnant woman which clearly shows utter disscontempt for human life. 

Disgusted by the CDC’S disregard for health & life, Ms Dannemann accused the CDC of ‘willful misconduct & in a letter to Dr Joseph Mercola, She wrote:

“Not only did the CDC fail to disclose the spiraling spike in fetal death reports in real time during the 2009 pandemic season as to cut the fetal losses, but also we have documented by transcript Dr. Marie McCormick, chairperson of the Vaccine Safety Risk Assessment Working Group (VSRAWG) on September 3, 2010, denying any adverse events in the pregnant population during the 2009 Pandemic season.” [1]

Evidence suggests that the CDC knew of the 4,250 percent increase in fetal death reports in 2009/2010, but to continue pushing the deadly vaccine onto pregnant woman the CDC published a study in AJOG authored by Dr. Pedro Moro of the CDC in the fall of 2010. The one sided & bias study came to the conclusion that there were just 23 miscarriages caused by the single flu vaccine in 19 years between 1990 – 2009, an average of 1.2 miscarriages per year. This bogus study helped push the CD’S worldwide propaganda campaign to manipulate people into thinking that the flu shot was safe fro pregnant woman & at the same time, willfully and strategically excluding the 2009 pandemic data which was available to them. 

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