Lost Arts Radio Show #60 – Special Guests Heather Scott and Ron Nate

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Great People in Government with Heather Scott and Ronald Nate

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 3/5/16

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Heather Scott

Heather Scott (www.voteheatherscott.com/about-heather) has been a guest on Lost Arts Radio before, as an example to all of us, of what can be accomplished when an honest person who wants to help bring back freedom and Constitutional government, gets inside the system. Heather is the Idaho state representative for District 1A in Bonner and Boundary counties in the far northern part of the state. She is working to honor her oath of office by upholding both the Idaho and United States constitutions and educating other representatives on why and how to do the same thing.

Ron Nate

As rare as real constitutionalists are in government, federal or state, fortunately for all of us, Heather is not alone in her attempt to bring integrity to government office. She has a great ally in Ronald Nate (www.facebook.com/pages/Representative-Ron-Nate/642092655857784), the Idaho state representative for District 34, in the more southern part of the state. Ronald is an economics professor with a Ph.D in the field, and understands the need for sound money and economic policies that make sense, not the ones we see in our country today that intentionally devalue the money and encourage all the major industries to move to foreign locations. Ron is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment as is Heather, and a believer in very limited constitutional government whose main job is to protect the God-given freedoms of each one of us.

These two representatives working together, inviting their colleagues to join them, make an incredibly valuable example to state representatives in the rest of the country. The states were intended to occupy a position in the power structure above the federal government, carefully overseeing and restricting its operations to those it was meant to fulfill, so that freedom and prosperity would result. We think you will enjoy seeing what the presence of great individuals within the system could do for America if we all support them, rise above concerns of parties and the left-right paradigm of thought, instead realizing that freedom versus tyranny is the top priority issue, and it is up to us to choose between them.

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