Acad of Sci: High Background Radiation Linked to 10-14x Higher Cancer Risk. You Think?

Cancer? Yes. And Birth Defects, Neurological Disease, Infertility, Heart Disease, Diabetes, More. Much more.
Cancer? Yes. And Birth Defects, Neurological Disease, Infertility, Heart Disease, Diabetes, More. Much more.

National Institutes of Science Notices the Unsurprising: Denied for Decades, Now Confirms: People Living in Areas of High Background Radiation are at Higher Cancer Risk, Downs Syndrome Increased 300%, etc. Why Did It Take Decades?

For years, “official’ scientists have insisted that the risk of cancer or birth defects while living in areas with high radiation levels was negligible.   In an example of bought-and-paid-for science, they refuted, ignored or distorted the independent and contradictory science that thwarted their assurances that radiation was not bad for you, it was fine for you and in fact, was actually good for you.  Now, in a stunning reversal of nuclear-industry make-happy pseudo science, the august (and industry compliant) U.S. National Academy of Sciences has revised their estimate for the risk of radiation-induced cancer upwards by 10-14 times higher than their last evaluation conducted in 1980.

Ignoring for 46 years the biological reality that there is no safe dose of nuclear (ionizing) radiation, a team led by Dr. Alice Stewart found when re-analyzing the data on atomic bomb survivors and people who have been medically irradiated  that the rates of at which people can get cancer from these sources and other sources of ionizing radiation has been believed to be far too low. This led Dr. Stewart and her team to  revise upward the risk of cancer and other abnormalities from living in areas with high background radiation as well.

While the team focused largely on cancer, that is not the only way radiation impacts humans. The preliminary findings of a study conducted in high background radiation areas in India also found that birth defects, cardiac and other serious diseases result from radiation, as well as cancer.  The genetic mutation effects enter the gene pool and impact our offspring and theirs for countless generations.

Perhaps most disturbing, the study found that the prevalence of Down’s Syndrome in populations that have been exposed to radiation is three times higher than that of a control population. This is a statistically significant finding derived from a large population study.

In addition to cancer and birth defects, the researchers also found a statistically significant higher rate of occurrence of birth defects including mental retardation, epilepsy, cleft palate and cleft lip. The Academy of Science is now setting up a further analysis of nearly 100,000 pregnant women, and 18,000 mothers from the region in India which was studied.

Areas in India have long been known to have high background radiation due to the presence of thorium and uranium.  It is not clear how scrupulous India’s nuclear materials controls have been but the radiation contamination has been problematic for many years.  As far back as 1957 the World Health Organization recommended a study of this kind be conducted. Until now, the nuclear energy establishment has thwarted such plans.




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