Lost Arts Radio Show #63 – Ann Fillmore, Elana Freeland and Russ Tanner

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Geoengineering Panel Discussion: Ann Fillmore, Elana Freeland, Russ Tanner

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 3/27/16

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Ann FillmoreMany of us have noticed an increase in geoengineering spray activity in our areas over recent days and weeks. This is certainly true where I live, in Arizona. I have attempted to discuss the problem with Weather Service scientists, media people, local newspaper reporters and academics, all to no avail, as all of them have been too thoroughly programmed to even be able to see what is going on in plain sight. Elana FreelandMost of the local residents I have spoken to are in the same boat, oblivious to what is going on almost daily over their heads. Three dedicated anti-geoengineering activists join us for this week’s discussion on ingredients in the spray, what they do, how the bigger picture fits together, and the question of what we can do to maximize our body’s resistance to this massive program to poison us and the entire biosphere of our planet. Dr. Ann Fillmore, who watches and reports on spray activity particularly over the Pacific Coast, author and speaker Elana Freeland who is well known for explaining the larger plan of the global elite for achieving “full spectrum dominance” of the planet, and Russ TannerRuss Tanner, who is the owner of www.globalskywatch.com and its huge associated Facebook Group (62K members), all join us together for what promises to be an incredibly energized and informative group discussion. You are personally invited to listen in as we do our best to get a handle on what is going on with recent increased activity, as well as the importance of building our own immunity to this and other assaults against our well being, so that we can make our best contribution to bringing an end to this ongoing crime against humanity.

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