Lost Arts Radio Show #66 – Special Guest Tasha Lee

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Our Very Special Guest This Week: Tasha Lee

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 4/17/16

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Tasha Lee

Host Richard Sacks will let the Lost Arts Radio listeners know up to date information on the condition of Lost Arts Radio Engineer / Producer Doug Diamond, who was in a serious auto accident on Monday, April 11, 2016. Tasha Lee (www.tashalee.org, www.whollyheal.com) will be coming in to discuss her ongoing work and experiences with raw food for healing, and dealing with Epilepsy and Type 1 Diabetes from a natural perspective. Tasha will also talk about what her experience with Morgellons Disease and chemtrail fallout has taught her, that others who suffer from the now worldwide aerial spray attacks on humanity that we are not supposed to know exist, may be able to use. Join us for an interesting discussion of some issues that affect all of us. Our motive here is just to explore ways we might find our way back to a somewhat normal and healthy life in an unstable and beseiged world. We hope you’ll have the chance to join us.

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