US Infant Mortality Tracks Vaccines: Coincidence?


The Rate Of Infant Deaths In The US Is Higher Than Virtually All Other Developed Countries–Could Vaccines Play A Role?

Vaccines May Well Be The Culprit In The Appalling Infant Mortality Rate Of US Babies

US Ranks Near The Bottom Among Developed Countries In Infant Mortality–And First In Number Of Vaccines. Coincidence?

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It’s political season in the US again–is it ever not anymore? And that means the airwaves are full of passionate-sounding, empty paeans to the Greatness of America, always in capital letters. Politicians of course must sound these tones; for them to acknowledge that the USA is a deeply troubled place is tantamount to political suicide.

But with widespread privation for many and political disenfranchisement for most, while a tiny elite reaps the rewards of an empire on the decline–and not incidentally, runs the madhouse for the benefit of themselves and their patrons–there are numerous signs that all is not well.

Take healthcare. Mortality rates–and especially infant mortality–is a long-established measure not only of a nation’s ability to care for its most vulnerable, but also whether it is deserving of joining the elite status of what used to be called “first-world nations.”

And where might “The Greatest Nation on Earth” fall on a list of global infant mortality rates? Number one? Number two? How about fifth, then? Tenth?



Try number 34. Yes, tucked in behind Slovenia and Cuba, that is where you will find the good ol’ US of A, self-proclaimed greatest county on earth, 34th in the world at preventing infant mortality.

Why might this be? Why on earth might more babies be dying before their first birthday in the United States than in almost all of Europe? Coincidence? Artifact of Reporting Categories?

Well, defenders of the US healthcare system (such as Forbes* “infant-mortality-not-a-true-measure-of-a-successful-health-care-system”) point to the way USA categorize premature births differently than most other countries. The US is one place where the very youngest preemies will be kept alive, and if they don’t make to their first birthday they count against the infant mortality rate, no matter how long the odds were of them making it.

But if we dig a bit into some other statistics, we can find some interesting correlations.

For instance in the number of vaccines a nation mandates [see Table 2 above].

To be sure, although the US has the highest number of mandated vaccines, clocking in at 36, there are many other nations that also mandate a lot. Comparing Table 1 to Table 2 above suggests some correlation.

But take a look at the graph below, titled Figure 25. Something very interesting happens when we expand our terms from infant mortality to mortality rates for children under five. There is inarguably a trend upward in the relationship between the number of vaccines a country mandates and the rate of young children who die.

CFR Vaccine death report

But surely this must be some sort of anomaly or an error of some kind. How could it be that vaccines–the very thing that is supposed to keep everyone safe–can be correlated with a higher rate of death in the young? It must be some mistake. Right?

Well, although every freshman statistics major can tell you correlation does not equal causation, here is another interesting set of figures. In this graph from Health Impact News, we can see that children who are vaccinated have a two to five times greater chance of suffering from a wide variety of diseases and disorders, ranging from allergies to asthma to epilepsy to thyroid disease.


So as far as a visceral need that Americans have to believe they are the best at everything, a great number of their babies might disagree, if only they were able to. Healthcare in the US is widely derided as a scam funneling ever more money upward to the politicians, bureaucrats, insurance companies, drug companies, and hospitals. For many people, the truly harrowing part of the US healthcare machine they encounter is being stuck with needles.

And the studies referenced herein are not the only ones out there to paint a less than rosy picture of the dangers of vaccines for children. At the very least, it’s time to take a step back from the headlong rush to stick substance after undertested substance into our children–all at the behest of those who will profit from the sales of those substances, namely Big Pharma companies like Merck, and the Federal Government, which also hold patents on a variety of vaccines.

In the American childhood health crisis, humane science, seeing the correlation between increased vaccination and increased infant mortality, would seek the causation. Crony corporate science seeks only to justify the profitable status quo.

Faced with a science that is anything but settled, what can we do as individuals? It’s time to just say no!

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Personal Note: The Americans on the OST staff are especially saddened and shocked by both the failure of the public health authorities to address the USA’s child health  and mortality crisis, and at the willingness of public media sites like Forbes to participate in the evident cover-up of the crisis.

*  See, for example, this recent piece:



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