Massive Atlanta Rally In Support Of The CDC Justice Or Else Movement Featuring R&B Performer Tony Terry

Performer Tony Terry To Headline CDC Vaccine Justice Or Else Rally

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A weekend-long rally in support of the CDC Justice Or Else movement kicked off last night in Atlanta, featuring the talents of R&B superstar Tony Terry. The rally is designed to raise awareness of the risks of vaccines and to raise funds for its efforts to combat the emerging prevalence of autism in children, which is significantly higher in African-American male children.

The alarming rise in estimates of autism prevalence in connection with vaccines needs to be addressed by the CDC, and the CDC Justice Or Else movement seeks to force the agency into transparency and to honestly disclose the risks to unsuspecting parents.

The weekend kicked off Thursday night with a pep rally from 6-9 pm at Atlanta Technical College, led by Minister Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam, seeking to rally support for the CDC Justice Or Else campaign among communities in Atlanta and around the world.

Continuing into Friday, concerned citizens and parents are rallying at the Centers for Disease Control headquarters in DeKalb County, a few miles north of Atlanta to “…protest the fraud, manipulation and cover-up of likely the most shocking news we’ve seen since the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and President John F. Kennedy,” according to the group’s press release.

The allegations they are referencing are of course the admission of guilt by Dr. William Thompson of the CDC, who stated that he had falsified pediatric vaccine safety data, specifically the connection between mumps/measles/rubella vaccine and a 340 percent increase in the occurrence of autism in African-American boys.

Normally the admission by a whistle-blower high up in the food chain of a big government agency will portend investigations, senate and congressional hearings–hell, at least newspaper articles. But having seen little to no action in response to the allegations, groups like CDC Justice Or Else are forced to take matters into their own hands. From the group’s press release:

“It has been well over a year (August 2014) since a Senior Research Scientist within the CDC has come forward with allegations of falsified safety data – the very data upon which vaccine public policy is made. Congressman William Posey of Florida has urged Congress to investigate these claims and to date, no investigation has begun. In addition to our rally happenings this day we will call for the CDC to come forth with the truth!”

The rally and events will continue through Saturday. But even if you aren’t in the Atlanta area, go to the group’s website and read about all the good things they are doing. Also follow the link below to our action item on informed consent. Take control today!

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Tony Terry and step show highlight CDC "Vaccine Justice or Else" fundraiser

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