Measlezilla is Coming…

Measlezilla Chomping on School Kids…

Be afraid, be very afraid: Measlezilla is coming! The Mass Media is stirring up mass hysteria. Measles emergencies are being decreed in state after state here in the USA, based on a handful of cases. Fox News tells us that just a couple decades ago Measles had been “eradicated” (no, that’s not quite what the data suggests) but now, because Measles Vax rates have “dropped” a bit, the vaccinated are at risk from the unvaccinated! If vaccines worked, how could that be?

American Downfall[1], a news aggregation site, joined in the frenzy and I just had to respond. Here is what I wrote there

“Measles is a non-serious disease in the vast majority of cases. Research suggests that the human immune system is actually able to function better after a community-acquired bout of measles, with reduced cancer incidence in the 3rd and 4th decade of life in those who have had measles.

“And one of the side effects, but not a rare one, is measles itself. But, in the case of vaccine-acquired measles, it comes along with aluminum and other major toxins.

“Add to that the fact that before 36 months, the natural detoxification system (Cytochrome P450) is immature, [so] giving this highly toxic mixture to a child below that age is a biological assault that the child has little or no way to detoxify and the reasons to NOT vaccinate begin to stack very high.

“The market-based hysteria about measles is just that.

“Well fed children contend with measles the way they contend with a cold: briefly and lightly. Put energy into making sure all children are well fed instead of pumping ineffective toxins into them.”

That’s the way it’s been for centuries: better nutrition, better hygiene and better sanitation defeated all the pandemic diseases (including those that never had a vaccine, like Scarlet Fever)  that used to plague humanity — that includes the Plague.

But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be occasional outbreaks. When a population is ISDD2 (that’s Immune System Deprived and Depleted), through vaccination, junk phude (that’s GMO, toxic “food”), nearly ubiquitous use of pharmaceutical drugs, and insanely toxic environment (including radiation and chemtrails) along with declining standards of sanitation (think of what’s in your water) to say nothing of intentionally engineered diseases, those occasional outbreaks may well become pandemics.

Nonetheless, there have not been serious pandemics despite numerous outbreaks, since the 1918 Influenza — triggered, as is now known, by a “perfect storm” of poorly nourished, recently vaccinated (with an experimental live virus vaccine) American soldiers, who were infected and then sent “over there” just in time to ravage a poorly nourished, unsanitary European population, spreading the disease from there to kill more people than the First World War did, and in less time. Tragically they did not have access to my Nano Silver. You do.

It’s how you assure yourself and your family that you do have a vibrant, competent immune system. That way you can ignore the panic-merchants.

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Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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