Medical “Truths” Drop Like Flies, Vaxxers Fail to Notice

 Science's Grand Edifice Rests on the Graveyard of Past Absolute Scientific "TRUTH". Vaxxers Ignore This
Science’s Grand Edifice Rests on the Graveyard of Past Absolute Scientific “TRUTH”. Vaxxers Ignore This

The above is an annotated image taken from my email box today.  As a physician, I get updates on advances in many areas of medicine and science.  The number of scientific FAILS was typical: 6 out of 10 items documented that the science of yesterday was wrong.  W. R. O. N. G. and tomorrow, 60^ or so of the science of that day will be wrong and so on every day.

Which is exactly as it should be.  That is the nature of science. Except vaccine “science”, of course.  It is OK to question post cardiac care in cardiology, but it is heresy to question vaccine safety, efficacy or necessity.

It is permissible to note that post lumpectomy radiation, a thoroughly discredited practice with no benefit to the patient but real danger to her, is still in use, but not to question why injecting pus and poison into babies, a practice discredited nearly 200 years ago, is still in use.

A great deal of scientific truth is comforting and solid seeming but like ice on the pond, when the sunshine hits it, it vaporizes and is gone from sight, feeling and memory.

What we consider the height of absolute truth will, in 20 years, be half gone, decaying on the graveyard piles of other absolute scientific truth.  The wisdom of today will join the likes of

  • Blood letting
  • Leeches
  • Phlogiston
  • One gene codes one protein and nothing impacts that
  • Railroad speeds of greater than 8 miles an hour would force the air out of the lungs of passengers and kill them by asphyxiation
  • All of the FDA approved drugs recalled drugs  which turned out to be too toxic for continued use (which amounts to about 50% of all approved drugs, by the way)

If you have no financial or other stake in maintaining the truth to market it or, for example, use it for political or depopulation purposes, it is hard to maintain the towering arrogance of the pro vaccine side about how much we know and how little we need to learn.

“The sky is blue and vaccines work.  The science is settled” tweeted  Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. Amazingly, people believed her, indicating that neither Hillary nor they understand the nature of science.

If the science IS settled, it is not science, it is religion.  Like vaccine “science”.

Religion has dogma, requires it, in fact.  Dogma is totally incompatible with science, however. Vaccines are dogma. They are in no way science.

Real science evolves and questions every foundational principle and implication in order to build new hypotheses, test them and create new information, theories and applications, discarding the old ones as we go along.

THAT is science and it can never be settled.


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  1. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn in his book “Confessions of a Medical Heretic” outlined the parallels between modern ‘medicine’ and religion. Very true.

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