Message for the New Year from Murata-san


Our Correspondent in Japan, Hon. M. Murata just sent us this message:

Dear Friends,

I have the pleasure of informing you that Dr. Andi Nidecker, President of the Basel Peace Office, Co-Founder of IPPNW/Switzerland, has sent me the message attached below informing me that an Ethics Summit will take place in Engadin, Switzerland next summer.

It is most encouraging. The World Ethics Forum could be a predecessor to the UN Ethics Summit in the making.

Please allow me to count on your cooperation to secure its birth.

I wish you a  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

With warmest regards,

Mitsuhei Murata
Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland


(Dr.Andi Nidecker’s Message)

Sent: Monday, December 20, 2021 11:07 PM
Subject: Re: Call for an UN Ethics Summit

Dear Mitsuhei 

Thanks for Your message. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, although this is not being celebrated obviously in Japan by most people… 

As I wrote you before, there will be an Ethics summit in Switzerland in 2022. It had to be postponed from 2021. The World Ethic Forum will take place in the Engadin town of Pontresina from Aug 25th to 28th 2022 and, although you may not be able to participate, I considered it important for you to know about this upcoming event. 

Best regards to You in the New Year and hopefully you will remain in good health 

Cordially Andi Nidecker  


On 20 Dec 2021, at 12:22, mitsu  wrote:

Dear Friends,

I hope all goes well for you.

I have recently pointed out that the Tokyo Olympic Games shares the same roots as those of nuclear reactors.

No wonder the Tokyo Olympic Games has totally ignored the Fukushima nuclear accident, and consequently the relevant dangers of radioactivity.

Civil society has learned that there exists a peculiar international background that prevents, in any country, the final departure from nuclear reactors. Japan is a case in point.

In spite of the Fukushima nuclear accident of 2011, the infamous “nuclear village” remains intact, continuing to promote nuclear energy and nuclear reactors.

Civil society has thus reached the conclusion that Japan could get rid of nuclear reactors only in an international framework.

This explains the recent increasing call and support for holding an UN Ethics Summit as soon as possible.

I am attaching the proposed text of  a joint statement approved by outstanding personalities including a number of former Prime Ministers, but, for lack of time, failed to be finalized.

In view of the increasingly menacing natural disasters, the dangers of more than 400 nuclear reactors in more than 30 countries alone justify the urgent holding of the above-mentioned Ethics Summit.

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

With warmest greetings,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland

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