Millions of Bags of Radioactive Soil – Spontaneous Combustion!

Millions of Bags of Radioactive Soil
Spontaneous Combustion!

This urgent message just in from Murata-san:

I am informing you of some confirmed facts concerning a warning made last spring by Mr. Arnie Gundersen of Fairwinds Education, to the effect that Fukushima nuclear waste soil resulting from decontamination operation contained in millions of bags(flecons) could spontaneously combust.

On 13 and14 September, the Fukushima prefectural authorities confirmed the following facts, answering my questions.

1. During the last week-end of April,2017, a spontaneous fire broke out in Ukedo, Namie from one of bags left out in the open, containing nuclear contaminated soil resulting from the prior decontamination operation.

2. About a year ago, the Fukushima Prefecture organized a meeting to exchange views on this problem with the participation of the representatives of the IAEA and the Tepco. The cases of bags washed away into a nearby river by a flooding caused by a typhoon.

3. The moving of millions bags containing contaminated soil to the temporary storage space in Fukushima is not yet progressing as it should.

This is an extremely alarming aspect of the Fukushima crisis. The Media remain silent on this crucial issue. The Government and the Prefectural Authorities should publicly explain how this dangerous situation will be coped with.

With warmest and highest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland

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