More On New Zealand Political Prisoners Vinny and Billy

Our correspondence with Billy Te Kahika and Vinny Eastwood Continues…


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Re: Billy Te Kahika Ministry Making Contact.
Sep 22, 2021, 6:20 AM

Kia ora and Greetings from NZ

Dear Brother Ralph:

I hope this email finds both you and sister Rima in God’s mighty care and well. I am sorry for the delayed contact as I now focus on my Ministry work and finalising being ordained as a Ministering Pastor which is a great blessing and working on my farm.

I would love to connect with you and Rima as soon as possible to discuss my work and to reconnect for an update.

Best regards in His Mighty Name.

Billy Te Kahika



Kia ora, Hi dearest Sister Rima & Brother Ralph,

It was a great blessing to talk with you Ralph and hear from you and Rima and it made me feel that I am not completely cut off from the world knowing what is happening here in New Zealand and what has happened to Vinny and I.

My Ministry, Pastoral work is keeping me buoyant of Spirit but I have been dreadfully worried for Vinny – as I am forbidden to talk to him it has been an extra layer of cruel treatment not to be able to counsel and support him.

Both of us were imprisoned for 28 hours in our largest prison in Auckland with our Government using the Police to intimidate, frighten, silence and incarcerate us. Police even bitterly opposed our bail as if we were hardened and harmful criminals.

I (we) was under house arrest for 18 days under strict bail conditions and allowed no access to internet. I now have access to internet for Ministry work which I can include our discussions given your faith and our mutual knowledge share in this area.

However, my freedom of speech is completely denied. I am totally forbidden any exercise of any anti Lockdown or anti Government sentiments – I do not consider I am anti anything other than being pro truth and against tyranny.

This is completely unprecedented in our now sorrowful once free country. I suspected this would happen but I was always hopeful and prayerful that it wouldn’t but they have crossed a line now that they will probably not come back from unless forced. The cabal has our politicians firmly in their pockets.

Thank you for you asking about our / my legal expenses. I have just paid the first $10k which was devastating to have to find as I do not have any income and being off air means we cannot earn donations like we did before we were closed down.

I have a family of six children and the usual obligations that go with it. I accept the responsibility for making that decision to make a stand and speak up but the actual reality of the cost of doing it has been frightful – not just in financial terms but in becoming a target brutalised by media and Government. If you didn’t know me, you would be forgiven for thinking I am a wife beating, philandering, bill avoiding and narcissistic maniac – my wife has even had to endure strangers calling her to offer her a safe haven from me and the ‘violence’. My wife would politely decline and correct them about who and what I am – I thank God to have a Godly wife, she deserves a medal.

Thank you most humbly and graciously for whatever assistance you can offer our family, thank you.

[Please donate at to support health freedom advocates like Billy and Vinny.]

In regards to shedding light on our situation I would appreciate any attention on our plight. I was informed that Senators Rand Paul and Ron Paul made a reference to my arrest which is interesting but could indicate that there is recognition I / we are political targets and
were political prisoners. The Government has at least exposed itself and many people who were on the fence have come over to realise that this is not the behaviour of a freedom respecting Government but is totalitarian and needs to be stood up to.

I would like to do an interview with you as soon as I am cleared to by my lawyer as until then I will a bide by the bail conditions.

Also, I would love to share some of the Ministry information I have with you both so will send you my series that I am broadcasting called ‘Peeling the Onion of Deception’ which is a very detailed and accurate study of the books of Daniel and Revelation where I break down
point by point how the tyranny we are all seeing is a sign of the times that indicates what we have in front of us.

My personal web site page is:

Thank you again dear friends, I am sitting here with my beautiful wife and family on our small farm writing to you and as I do so I am very honoured and grateful to know you both.

Please keep in touch.

God bless and love from NZ Aotearoa,
Billy Te Kahika

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐

Rima Laibow

Dear Billy,

I am writing to you in support and strengthening fellowship with your Ministry, in the spirit of a Pastoral Letter.

Like Ralph, I am ordained in the Life Spirit Church and have been honored to be included in the clergy of other denominations. It is from that perspective that I write to you.

Lies, no matter from whose lips or pens they fall, are the work of what creates evil so it is the responsibility of the righteous to counter them.

Organizations are used to embed the lies and subdue the Godly nature of men and women so that, too, must be countered as part of a Ministry that brings Truth.

Sharing that Truth and working within the organized or political system for liberation through justice is a prime responsibility of the Godly, not a political choice , so I applaud your continued work.

Natural Solutions Foundation, serving the principles of liberation through justice and courageous commitment to truth, serves.the best principles upon which right action is founded.

For that reason, I counsel you, as a fellow Pastor, to continue the work of disseminating truth and increasing the options of our Brothers and Sisters who need truth to find justice and who need justice to find freedom.

We share your Ministry and wait to hear how we can further assist you and your fellow Workers.
We would love to see pictures of your precious wife and children so that when we hold them up in hope in our hearts, we have bright images to help us.

The others suppressed and scorned by those in power are in our hearts as well. We fervently hope that our support finds its way to them as well.

I am, emphatically,
Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

Ralph Fucetola JD


I too have been an ordained Minister since 1974. Ministering to the sick and suffering is one of the obligations of the ministry. I think what the government of New Zealand is doing to you and Vinny is cruel and part of a larger Crime Against Humanity involving many governments. Justice will, however, overcome all tyranny.

It has been said by ministers and philosophers, “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.”

I am not asking your permission to share your communication with us. You did not indicate that you would object to sharing your story and that of your family. So these communications, including the link to your web site will be shared on Open Source Truth which has had millions of individuals view our expressive association communications.

Blessings to you and yours,

Rev. Ralph Fucetola

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  1. I have shared this in Australia about Billy Te Kahika . Sadly Australia is the same as New Zealand .My whole family , friends and everyone I know cannot understand how serious things are.People march for freedom and are beaten by the police the unvaccinated are being discriminated and people snitch on their neighbours.Thank you so much Dr Rima for your information.

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