Murdoch’s War on Natural Medicine


 By Brett Smith

Rupert Murdoch attacking Natural Medicine in the name of Big Pharma profits.

Ahhh me old mate Jane Hansen and her evil old boss are at it again. What this time you may ask? Selling more illegal wars? Selling HepB shots to one day olds? Flu shots for 90 year old nursing home residents? Tony Abbott? Nup. Just one of their pet projects, an old favourite of theirs…..attacking natural medicines. For one of their biggest clients, Big, Bad Pharma.

I’ve been a naturopath for 15 years now so this attack is nothing new, it’s the scale and intensity that have lifted a couple of notches of late, almost in direct line with the explosions of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autism, auto-immune diseases etc. I love watching the media’s schizophrenic relationship to this topic. You see their readers, or most of them, all use natural therapies, or buy organic but their pay masters hate people using these products. Makes it hard to fill a newspaper or a magazine with anything of any interest to the reader. I mean how many stories can you run on statins or Prozac? Boring.

Big Pharma evil

Bad Pharma is a toxic money spinner, a massive money spinner. Problem is their business model relies upon a patentable drug. Where do they find these drugs? Brilliant science? No, most of their products are stolen from Mother Nature. Plants mostly. They steal a plant from us Quacks & Witch Doctors, isolate a few constituents, chemically alter them slightly so they can patent it, and hey Presto it’s the $100 Billion Dollar Drug! Tragically not only is it almost entirely useless it is now also quite toxic. Very inconvenient. So once they lose a customer to natural medicine that customer never comes back. Ever. When you take into account the customers they kill you can see this is a real issue for their business model and long term growth. Dead or departed, disillusioned patients really affect your bottom line.

With the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on health we should be some of the healthiest societies in human history? While our control of infectious disease has been more than commendable our ‘treatment’ plans for chronic ‘western’ diseases is a scandal. In fact it is worse, it is criminal. The mismanagement of chronic disease is not an accident, it is by design to turn you into a patient for life. There is no prevention, there is no cure, just a pill popper for life to mask/manage your symptoms. You then end up on other drugs to deal with the side effects of your original drug and your deteriorating condition. 


Cholesterol? Farcical science. Heart disease. Diabetes. Cancer. Depression. Fertility. Auto-immunity. Pain management. Bad Pharma offers nothing but a long slow death with a big invoice. Their good mates at Big Food give you the worst dietary advice imaginable filling you full of grains, sugar, & pesticide riddled foods and you have one foot in the grave your whole life. It’s rare to meet a child these days who doesn’t have a food allergy or an auto immune disease and that’s if you are lucky. Autism numbers have exploded (no it is not just better diagnosis) as have child cancers. Soon we will have a new phenomenon, SIDS, Coincidental Instant Death Syndrome. If we are all to be judged on results and performance Bad pHarma has been an epic fail. The DRUGS DON’T WORK. To add insult to injury, they are also killing you.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.29.05 pm

Jane Hansen attack on natural medicine for Murdoch Owned Daily Telegraph which is owned by Rupert Murdoch who has ties to pharmaceutical giant Glaxosmith Kline

So back to Hansen. In Australia the job of attacking natural medicine is left to TheAustralian Skeptics Inc. and their bastard child, Friends Of Science in Medicine. The queer little Skeptics  started off innocuously enough back in North America founded by a very strange fella and failed magician by the name of James Randi. Back then old Randi just trolled spoon benders, water diviners, and farmers that had been abducted by aliens. These days it has morphed into a far more sinister operation. Bad Pharma runs the show now and Uri Geller is long gone, the name of the game now is to promote pHarma’s out of control vaccination policy, promote pHarma’s other toxic product lines and destroy natural medicine or anyone or anything that hurts the pHarma narrative (business model). No one is spared, not even the poor old Food Babe. Check out the trolling she cops on an hourly basis….would be funny if it wasn’t so disgraceful.


Ex Magician James Randi founder of the Skeptics Left with Dick Smith who helped finance the Australian Skeptics

Most of the Skeptics are just a sad bad bunch of deranged Star Trek fans that have never done any science themselves (watching sci fi does not count, nor does going to Dr Who conventions), they like to call themselves ‘science advocates’ whatever that ends up meaning. They can almost be excused because they just really have no idea what the hell they are trolling about, it’s more their vile offspring at the Friends of Science in Medicine I hold my true contempt for. These turds are supposed to be doctors and scientists, they actually should know better. They should know better than anyone that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most disgraced industries on the planet today. They should know that the drugs not only don’t work they are killing people in great numbers. These creeps are the worst of the worst and it is they along with Bad Pharma I am going after. See their are only two possibilities when it comes to trolling for Bad pHarma. 


Australian Skeptics L-R President Eran Segev, Phillip Peters, Peter Rodgers, Secretary John Sweatman, Dick Smith founder of Australian Skeptics, Vice president Richard Saunders, Vice President Rachael Dunlop, Peter “Ratbag”Bowditch


1. A True Believer. You are just a ‘science advocate’ (total idiot) and you have no idea what you are talking about. Vaguely forgivable. 

2. Sold Soul. You know your science. You know what a killer and a fraud Bad pHarma actually is but you keep trolling anyways. Unforgivable.


Jane Hansen True Believer or Sold Soul?

 Let’s have a little look at some of our doctors at work.  

So Janey (True Believer I feel?) gets the call to arms from her Skeptic mates and sure enough she answers the call.

“THE Natural Medicine Party has renamed itself the Health Australia Party. People may think they are voting for good health, which we all want, but there’s a hell of a lot of quackery going on in HAP.” 

First paragraph is only semi coherent, Skeptics love saying words like quack and woo and ad hom, problem is most other normal human beings have no idea what they are talking about. 

“Set up by Sawtell naturopath Andrew Patterson in 2013, the rebadged HAP wants naturopathy and chiropractic to have the same standing as western medicine but without the accountability.”

More nonsense, everyone is accountable in Nanny State Australia. Everyone. 50 year old men are fined $300 for riding their kid’s bike down to the shops. You can be fined for not locking your car door when you leave it parked in Oz. Everyone is accountable for anything and everything and a fine awaits us all at any minute of the day. We are the most fined and accountable society on Earth. To say naturopaths are without accountability is just plain Murdoch bull crap.  

Jane then goes on a long rant about a topic she knows absolutely zero about (always amusing to view) and end with,

“There is not a shred of scientific evidence to back up this 200-year-old theory.”

For a minute I thought she was talking about vaccination itself? But no,

“HAP won’t openly admit they are anti-vaccination but if they had their way they would repeal the No Jab No Pay legislation.”


Maybe that is because HAP isn’t anti vaccination? Maybe they are just pro choice? Maybe they just leave it to parents to research and make these types of decisions for their own children? Maybe they don’t trust governments or Bad Pharma to make these decisions for them? Me? I’m not pro choice at all, no. When dealing with politicians last year on the No Jab Tour of Canberra I would often say, I’m not here for my kids, I wouldn’t vaccinate my kids even if I had a gun to my head, I’m here to help your kids. You see I vaccinated my first three children so I learnt the hard way, not as hard as some but enough to know that vaccine science is not only not settled it is a fraud. Most ‘anti vaxxers’ were once pro vax, we just evolved.

“There is already a safe and effective program of immunisation — it’s called the National Immunisation Program which 92 per cent of the state has signed up to.

It is already “thoroughly researched’’ but does not include nonsense like homoeopathic vaccination that doesn’t work.”

“Thoroughly researched”? I believe jail sentences await those responsible for the criminal fraud surrounding vaccine ‘science’. I believe any doctor found to be funded supporting this fraud should be jailed also. I believe organisations like Australian Skeptics Inc. and the FOS should be investigated for their funding. If found to have been funded by Big Pharma to slander, ridicule, and defame naturopaths, herbalists, chiros, homeopaths, nurses, doctors, or anyone that speaks out in regards to vaccine science safety or natural medicine they should be exposed and charged. These people are a danger to society. These people are also responsible for the injury and death to millions of fellow citizens. If you willingly promote an industry that produces products that kill and injure on a grand scale (on any scale) you are as culpable as the industry you support. 

“The HAP are also anti-fluoride, one of the most important health initiatives Australia ever introduced, and believe homebirth provides a safe option, and women should be able to choose homebirth without penalty — even if it triples the risk of death.”

As Kirk Lazarus said, “Never go the full retard Jane.” Poor Jane, she couldn’t help herself. Fluoride? “One of the most important health initiatives Australia ever introduced.”? Are you off ya meds Hansen? I didn’t actually believe anyone actually still spruiked fluoride. If you never drank another glass of fluoridated water in your life there would be absolutely no adverse effects. Ahhh Jane you’ve done it again.



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