Nano Silver Can Be Derived from Herbal Sources

One of the key regulatory issues for dietary supplement ingredients is whether that ingredient is “grandfathered” under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 — DSHEA, the law that lets us talk about the ways nutrients support the normal structure and function. Being “grandfathered” means being protected from much of the FDA regulatory squeeze on new dietary supplements.  The ’94 law has two grandfathering clauses. One that says the ingredient must have been sold to supplement the diet prior to June 1994 and the other that says the ingredient must have been part of the food supply and not chemically changed. These two criteria are each a separate grounds for grandfathering.

So here is a published, peer reviewed paper that shows one can derive Nano Silver from Hibiscus flowers.  Now that’s neat science, but it’s also evidence that Nano Silver as a dietary supplement is “grandfathered” and protected from FDA interference.  A very good thing indeed!

If you want to read the paper it is here:



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