The Coasts Have Gone Mad


Syringes are the New Yellow Stars.
New Yorkers and Californians are the New Jews. So are you.

New York and California have committed themselves to a degree of medical fascism not seen since the forced sterilizations by “doctors” supported by the Rockefeller Eugenics program, including the Eugenics-mad Nazis. Rockefeller, in fact, brought Eugenics to Germany and personally sponsored the Kaiser Wilhelm Institutes for the “scientific study” [sic, and sick] of that insane idea in Munich and Berlin. In the USA the latest Eugenics push began with the targeting of anti-vaxx Orthodox Jews in New York.

Now, with the end of religious/philosophical vaccination exemptions in those, and an increasing number of other states, the vaccine criminals will be coming after not only our children, but every adult as well. Eugenics, this time making us profitably sick (for Big Pharma) before dead, is now mainstream “medicine.” And you are among the victim class, this time just because you are [still] alive. As with the famous Levy’s Rye Bread, “You don’t have to be Jewish!”

In fact, I have been warning about this for decades. Like Cassandra, pleading with the decision-makers to not allow the Trojan Horse in to Troy because the consequences were absolutely clear to her, Natural Solutions Foundation has been predicting that the vaccine mafia would take these actions.

Now the infamous CA Senator “Doctor” Pan is working to criminalize being an unvaccinated adult in his state and looking to put doctors who write “unnecessary” medical exemptions in jail. And so is New York State.

I am a physician in New York and, in my scientific and medical understanding, all vaccines damage the immune system and EVERY vaccine approved by the FDA in the United States is a dangerous, illegal drug.

That, to me, makes every vaccine exemption request reasonable and necessary since it is a felony offense to recommend, sell or advertise an unapproved drug in the United States and therefore such a drug cannot, under the law, under the legal obligation placed on EVERY physician in this country, be recommended.

And that is why the Natural Solutions Foundation is asking you to become part of the urgent battle NOW: take action to tell the FDA that it is acting illegally by supporting and commenting on the Redress of Grievances Citizens Petition we have entered by clickinhg this link,

And, for your sake and your children’s sake, and the sake of the rule of law and sanity in this Pharma-Mad nation of ours, share this link with absolutely everyone you can reach.

Forget about the fact that vaccine science is junk science. (Although it is.)

Forget about the fact that vaccines do not work. (They do not.)

Forget about the fact that vaccines actually spread diseases like measles and chicken pox and flu. (They do.)

Forget about the fact that vaccines cause autism and a host of other serious conditions like asthma and eczema. (They do.)

Forget about the fact that every study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated people shows that unvaccinated people are far, far healthier than vaccinated ones across the board. (They are.)

Forget about all of that but remember this —

1. You have the right of informed consent under International Treaty and US law and
2. No vaccine has EVER been legally approved by the corrupt and dangerous FDA. Ever.

The FDA has ignored the Childhood Vaccine Safety Act since it was adopted in 1986. It has never provided even one of the Vaccine Safety Reports to Congress that law requires. That is because it cannot. Vaccines, our courts have said, are “unavoidably unsafe.”

We need an avalanche of supporting comments to the FDA Petition at (Docket:  FDA-2019-P-1130-0001) and then, quite frankly, we will need to take this matter into Federal Court.

Can illegally approved drugs be mandated? Of course not.

So our option is to get this into Federal Court as soon as possible.

Secret: the FDA loses more than half of the cases brought against it in Federal Court.

What you need is courage and the willingness to ride your Freedom Mouse to stop the vaccine mafia in its dirty, illegal and dangerous tracks. Here’s that link again:

And what you also need is the legally protected, proper assertion of your right of Informed Consent which the Advance Vaccine Directive Card,, will give whomever has their name on it. If you do not assert your right it is “deemed waived.”

We will send you detailed instructions on how to use it for your child with their doctors and schools and for yourself with your employer. Having the AVD Card expresses your assertion of your right and supports the work of the Foundation.

And you need something to support your full and robust immune function so no matter what the plague du jour might be, Ebola or Swine Flu or Klebsiela or the newest nightmare Candida, your immune system has the safe, gentle, non-toxic support that science shows it has with Dr. Rima Recommends™ Nano Silver 10 PPM.

What a gift: a legally valid exemption AND pure immune support!

It’s time for us all to become the non-victims who stand up for ourselves and stop the onslaught while we still can.

Take action here:

Get the Advance Vaccine Directive Card here:

Get your supply of immune system supporting Nano Silver here:

If you love your freedom, your country, your family or any person who is dear to you, share. And share again. And share again.

Link for social media sharing:

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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