Lost Arts Radio Show #234 – Special Guest Joy Garner

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The Control Group Project – Real Science On Vaccines With Joy Garner

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 6/16/19

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Joy Garner

For many years, we have been told by the medical industry and their government agency business partners that it would be immoral to do any real testing on the health of vaccinated children compared to unvaccinated children. Why? Of course, because not vaccinating the control group is blatantly unfair and hurtful to them. We all know everyone needs as many vaccines as possible, and withholding any of them as an experiment would be abusive. Just total common sense, right?Joy Garner Vaccines Poster

It’s much like the argument of the vaccine companies, when they came to Congress and explained they were losing so much money in their business because parents of maimed and killed children damaged by their products (vaccines), as well as family members of maimed and killed adults, kept suing them which was ruining their profits. How inconsiderate of them! Without legal immunity, allowing vaccine companies to kill your children or you with no consequences, they would be forced out of business. And since everyone knows vaccines are the greatest medical breakthrough in 200 years, that they are safe and effective, that they eradicated polio, smallpox and many other terrible diseases, it only made sense for Congress to pass a law so you could not sue doctors or vaccine makers when their products killed your family members. Totally reasonable.

So Congress said ‘great, where do we sign up?’, and the vaccine makers and lobbyists for the vaccine industry gladly showed them. They have had no legal or financial liability ever since. Reagan was the president who signed the immunity into law. The crimes against humanity that this immunity allows, continue to this day.

But greatness lies in “ordinary” people, like for example, all of us. Like you. Like Joy Garner (www.thecontrolgroup.org). Joy decided, ‘wait a minute!’ (or translated into Canadian, ‘hold the phone!’), we already have the control group. No need to deprive a single child of any vaccine to do the experiment, let’s just check on the detailed health status of already non-vaccinated kids and compare what we find with national health statistics. Once that data is in the open for all to see, all kinds of new possibilities emerge that could save the kids of the future, and maybe even some alive right now. Want to see what Joy’s project is uncovering? Join us for this Sunday’s show. Come meet an amazing lady who can inspire us all, and remind us we’re not quite as helpless as we’re supposed to believe.

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