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C’VID: Good News In the Midst of Bad News


Recently Natural Solutions Foundation wrote to tell you that we might not be able to send any more emails — well, we not only fixed that problem but now we have a brand new suite of advanced advocacy tools allowing all of us to say “Don’t You Dare!” loudly and effectively.

I’ve given you the good news first: your voice can be heard in the halls of legislatures, board rooms and organizations loud and clear with Natural Solutions Foundation’s newest advocacy platform.

You can once again expect to find us in your email box with important uncensored, hugely important news AND vitally important, laser-targeted Action Steps.

You’ll be able to share information from on social media (as long as it’s not censoring you, of course) and send your own letters and opinions, needs and wants directly to decision makers.

What good does that do, you might ask? A lot!

In 2009 the Public Health Authorities told us we were facing the “pandemic du jour” that was going to kill us all if we did not take their jab. They tried to hide the truth that the unsafety-tested Swine Flu vaxx was a genocidal squalene-augmented infertility shot. Using our advocacy platform in a bit over ten days 3.5 million of us told FDA/CDC/HHS “Don’t You Dare!” by sending advocacy emails we provided.

And, just like that, a fully funded $6 billion mandatory vaccine program was scrapped because it was clear that no one would accept it. And, with no vaxx, there was no pandemic.

The Internet Censors didn’t like that and we were attacked like never before, eventually stopped from using the advocacy platform. However, we never gave up on the idea that mass advocacy would make a difference.

What we’ve done now is to take a big risk and sign on for an even more advanced system with “unlimited sends” and a great advocacy platform.

An expensive platform. We need your help to cover that added expense.

Donate generously here: — and consider setting up a regular monthly donation. That would be a powerful way to support our efforts together.

We know we can all make a difference together.

Watch for our next eblast which will have our first #DontYouDare campaign. Follow the simple steps and let you voice be heard!

Meanwhile, ask all your circles of influence to join Dr. Rima’s Email List here:

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Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph

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