You Own Your Body, Not the Government


Here is a clear philosophical analysis of the moral hazards of government vaccine mandates. [1]

Is it legitimate for government to force its citizens to take vaccines? I think it’s not, and I will argue why I think so…  I simply maintain that whether to take a vaccine—or any other substance, for that matter—should be a free-willed individual choice, something government should have no concern with…

As human beings, we are acting entities: in other words, our nature is defined by our ability to act—i.e., employing (scarce) means having alternative uses in other to achieve our preferred (alternative) ends. By its very nature, action (as I have defined it) stems from free will: animals and inanimate objects do not act—they simply behave according to instinct and physical, unmotivated laws.

What does our acting nature as human beings entail? It entails that we are to be self-owners—namely, our being (body, mind, will, etc.) is our own natural and absolute property. Why is it so? Because were we (human beings) not self-owners, we could not act. Indeed, any kind of action requires the employment of (at least) the following means: nature-given resources, time, and labor. Thus, were we to be deprived of our self-ownership, we could not possibly act. In fact, we could neither employ our labor—broadly conceived as any kind of human effort—nor decide how to allocate our own time, because neither of them—not being owned by ourselves—would be under our control. Thus, the very concept of action requires ownership over: (1) a physical body carrying out that action and (2) a mind purposively choosing ends (to be attained) and means (to be employed) during that same action.

Asserting the philosophical basis for the right of Informed Consent is the first step.  The second step is actually asserting the right!  If you do not clearly assert the right, it will be, as the lawyers say, “deemed waived.”  Learn how here:


[1] Fabrizio Ferrari holds a M.Sc. in Economics from Catholic University, Milan –

One thought on “You Own Your Body, Not the Government

  1. Except in rare unusual conditions, vaccinations KILL PEOPLE.
    COVID-19 was made 3 years ago with Dr. Rashid Buttar in charge. He reported it sold or stolen for pharmaceutical profits. Hundreds of other medical doctors absolutely proved 90% in the United States (80% in Europe) COVID-19 virus on people was total lies for money.
    I used to get flu every year. When I learned the danger, I refused ALL vaccinations and NEVER GOT FLU IN 50 YEARS. It was the vaccinations that caused the entire problem!

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