New Japan Radiation Map Supports 2020 Olympics Honorable Retreat

Our correspondent from Tokyo, Mitsuhei Murata, again favors us with a graphic warning about the Fukushima radiation situation and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Yes some events are planned for Fukushima Prefecture.  The map shows serious degrees of radiation contamination throughout the section of Japan that will host the 2020 Olympics. This information supports Murata-san’s call for “honorable retreat” from the Olympic commitment with renewed commitment to rectifying the disaster instead.

Dear Friends,

I am transmitting you my messsage in Japanese sent out yesterday, showing the state of radioactive contamination of Tokyo illustrated in accordance with the Chernobyl standards.

Mr. Etsuji Watanabe, author of the document, is a well-known expert on internal radiation.
Tokyo includes 3 wards having the right to emigrate and 2 wards and 3 cities to be placed under contamination surveillance.

The attached map is shocking and supports the campaign of the IPPNW (Germany) “2020 Radioactive Tokyo Olympic”.

It will oblige the IOC [International Olympic Committee] to react. It will strengthen the assertion that the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 is out of the question.

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland

Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2018 11:52 PM



チェルノブイリ法がもしも福島第一原発事故において適応されていたら、どの 地域が「強制避難・強制移住」「避難・移住の権利の保障」「汚染地域指定・健康モニタリング」の対象地域になっていたかの判断に資する別添の資料が『放射線被曝の争点: 福島原発事故の健康被害は無いのか』の共著者として知られる渡辺悦司氏よりこの程寄せられました。関東地方の汚染振りを図示した別添地図ファイルは衝撃的です。







2 thoughts on “New Japan Radiation Map Supports 2020 Olympics Honorable Retreat

  1. This will fall on deaf ears. Not until the athletes themselves take action will anything be done. The athletes I assume think it’s safe. They assume that their safety and health are safeguarded by those in authority.

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