No Link Between Vaccines and Encephalopathy? Not If You Don’t Look!

Pseudo Science 101 Astoundingly, This is the Level of Pseudo Scientific Hokum Published by Mainstream Medical and Scientific Journals.  In Plain English This Paper Says that Vaccines Did Not Cause Spasms (e.g, Seizures) in Infants Because These Previously Healthy Infants Were Destined to Develop Seizures Anyway! And Lancet, a Formerly Respectable Journal, Published It With a Straight Face!

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Vaccines cause injury to brains (ours).  That knowledge causes injury to bottom lines (theirs).  One of these realities gets suppressed.  Take a guess which one.

You’ve heard the oft-repeated and popular canards: there is no link between vaccines and autism.  There is no link between vaccines and encephalopathy.  There is no link between vaccines and neurological impairment of any kind.

Those canards are lies, out and out, flat out lies which depend for their strength on pseudo science and the willing distortion of bought-and-paid for so-called scientists and their willing mouthpieces in politics, journalism and public health.

They are supported by bought-and-paid-for pseudo scientific nonsense like the article above which says that for children who develop seizures after vaccination (“spasms” in the UK where the article originated) there is nothing to suggest that the vaccines caused perfectly healthy babies and children to seize: they were going to develop a seizure disorder anyway because they were, in fact, “destined” to do so.

WOW! These amazing authors can foretell destiny!  They know that vaccines cannot cause problems so if there are problems after vaccination, it must be (take your pick):

  • Destiny
  • Kismet
  • Fate
  • Genes
  • Bad Juju
  • Parental Abuse and/or Neglect
  • Imagination

Just one problem: vaccines DO cause seizures, autism, encephalopathy, auto immune disorders, attention deficit, Alzheimer’s, infertility, POTS syndrome, diseases and deaths.  Just read the package inserts and CDC websites.



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