No Vaxx Exemption Card? FFS, Why Not?

No Vaxx Exemption Card? FFS, Why Not?

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation

Most people in anything approaching their right minds do not want a vaccine that has not been tested. Most of the sensible people that I know don’t want one that has. And nobody in even their semi-right minds would want a gene-editing vaccine loaded with nano particles as both intentional ingredients and contamination.

And that is precisely what you will get in the COVID-19 jab, whether you want it or it is forced on you.

Problem: We are all going to die from the newest plague.
Reaction: We have to live in impoverished lock down, isolation and terror.
Solution: Force us to take  a vaccine that edits your genes and tracks us with nano particles and… who knows what else?
And, remember, a vaccine and its contaminants are forever.

We’ve been hyped up so that it actually seems reasonable that somebody, at any given moment on the mass media at least, is screaming for the COVID-19 vaxx to “save us” by the endless mantra of “All this will be over when we get the vaxx!”

Of course it won’t, but that’s the mindless, and endless, propaganda drum beat.

So the immediate problem is a dangerous, untested, novel, contaminated vaxx “against” what appears clearly to be a man-made plague supported not only by US funds from start to finish (is it finished?) but by ceaseless (and senseless) “Ministry of Peace” type Orwellian propaganda.

Listen up. Listen well. Then take action.

You already have a legal exemption to any vaccine
It is valid in 153 countries, give or take a couple, and the US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, every country in Europe, South and Central America and Africa are all  among those where it is legal.


Aye, there’s the rub!

Just sending a letter or screaming in protest as you are dragged and jabbed are not legal assertions worth anything at all.

But that does not mean you do not have that exemption and, thankfully, it is easy to access.

Natural Solutions Foundation has spent a great deal of time and effort doing the research and creating that legal assertion for you.* And we’ve put it into a small, handy wallet card that can also fit into your purse, your child’s backpack, your baby’s diaper bag and wherever else it can ride along with the person it is protecting. Each person needs his/her own Advance Vaccine Directive. Parents’ Directives do NOT cover children.

Conscious (so you can pull the card out and present it) or unconscious (so the medical team can find it in your personal effects while they search for directives, as they are required to do),  the Advance Vaccine Directive card will speak for you.

We tell you how to use it for yourself and your children and we make it simple.

During the worst of the Plandemic we were told that changing our behavior and isolating and not going to see elderly people and leaving the dying to struggle alone would protect them so it was our civic duty to do that.

Well, there is a parallel that is actually true, unlike the nonsense that we have been asked to swallow whole: the more people who have, and use, the Advance Vaccine Directive, the more powerful it becomes and the more protective of us and of the other users. When you assert your Right of Informed Consent, it helps to create the atmosphere of lawfulness that helps other people assert it, too.

If Counsel Ralph or I were the only people on the planet who are asserting our Right of Informed Consent and refusing vaxx with an Advance Vaccine Directive (we’re not!), then no matter how right we were, it would not matter.

When larger and larger numbers of people assert their rights this way, however, the combined impact is far larger than it could have been if only a tiny number of people flash their powerful Advance Vaccine Directive cards in isolation.

The COVID-19 vaxx  is coming, either as a mandate or an offer that you cannot refuse…. But it is clearly coming. And it is clearly more hazardous than any vaccine that has ever faced us before. And it is very likely micro-chipped for enhanced tracking.

If you do not want to run the risk of this ‘preventive’,  iatrogenic (doctor-created) danger in your body, then you must make sure that you have an Advance Vaccine Directive card for every member of your family. Otherwise, whatever the vaxx does to you will be part of the experiment, the illegal and horrifying population-wide experiment with our genes and our lives.

I have my card signed and ready to go.

You should, too.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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Be well, stay safe with REAL protection! Dr. Rima

*Counsel Ralph presented a paper on your  legal right to Informed Consent, October’s Libertarian Scholars’ Conference, Kings College, Manhattan.  You can read it here:

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