Not All Dead People Are Stiffs

Not All Dead People Are Stiffs

This is a deeply concerning picture, Folks.

Of course, it is concerning to see a dead body draped with a sheet along the side of the road.

Someone’s son, someone’s daughter, as we all feel because we are compassionate human beings.

But this image, shared by Mark Crispin Miller in his amazing, distressing, and incredibly important Substack, “Died Suddenly”, is particularly disturbing. *

As I have said before, one of the sad realities of being a doctor is that you know more about death, dying and the dead than most people would ever want to know.

I have observed in A New Way to Die, “Planking”, dying suddenly in an silent, stiffened, convulsing, outstretched posture is not normal. The only explanation I can think of for it is that every striated muscle (the ones that move the bones and importantly, the heart), goes into an unbreakable spasm at once.

The only way I can account for that otherwise totally unaccounted for behavior in people who DO NOT HAVE A SEIZURE DISORDER BUT WHO ARE NOW HAVING A SUDDEN, HIGHLY ATYPICAL SEIZURE INVOLVING THE HEART is to suspect an electromagnetic pulse that causes that spasm in every muscle in the body.

And since these people are not hooked up to an experimental apparatus running disorganizing current through their bodies, they are not part of a terrible experiment gone horribly wrong.

Unless they are.

Unless they are. Unless having been jabbed (and since so many of these videos are from China where the vaccination rate is reported by the authorities to be 100% we know that they have been jabbed) and now, perhaps, being “zapped” with a jolt of energy from the nearly ubiquitous 5 G towers and their utterly ubiquitous cell phones creates this horrifying new way to die.

Let me remind those of you who do not know death as intimately as health care professionals do, and those of you who do, but have not thought about it this way, when people die, they customarily fold into a smaller space, curling over, clutching the part that might hurt, relaxing after death.

The poor victim of… SOMETHING… on the sidewalk under the sheet, did not die naturally. Even if he were shot or stabbed, after death he would have gone profoundly limp.

But this poor soul died in absoluter rigid spasm. The legs, even in death, are flexed and elevated at the hips and flexed at the knees. It appears that the arms are uplifted and outspread.

This is a wildly unnatural post-mortem posture and suggests to me that this person died as the result of a blast of energy that caused massive, rapid and persistent spasm of the voluntary muscles. That would, I remind you, include the heart.

When such spasm does not include the heart, seizures such as we have seen in all too many videos are rarely fatal.

We are NOT seeing videos of people having seizures and coming to in the streets and shops. We are seeing videos – and postmortem photos – of people, I believe, being executed as part of an experimental program using the nano technology of the shots and perhaps other introduction techniques and some sort of energy burst.

As a physician, I do not believe this type of death could be occurring in people who are not carrying the self-assembling nano technology which would serve as the intermediary mechanism of action between the energy and the person’s biology.

I am about to initiate a research program to document whether a particular substance which you know about, Magic Dichol,, can, in fact, be statistically associated with the removal of the self-assembling nano technology from people.

We will be using a Darkfield microscope to document the presence or absence of these intrusive and dangerous materials.

Preliminary data suggest that we can expect positive outcome.

I believe it is urgent importance to find out what works and figure out how to deploy it for the planet’s survival.

In the meantime, it is pretty obvious that not, NOT, accepting another jab is of paramount importance to giving yourself a fighting chance to survive this horror show the global scum have set out for us.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

PS – here is the link to A New Way to Die:

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  1. 100% – It seems they are using Opto-genetics and frequencies to activate response. I work in Stand Alone Emergency rooms and this week alone I have noticed a large increase in elevated troponin levels among patients.

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