Dr. Nass’s Defamation of Gen. Bert? Dr. Rima Corrected

Dr. Nass’s Defamation of Gen. Bert? Dr. Rima Corrected

Effective activists like Dr. Rima and her late husband, Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army) take a lot of flack and are the subject of both casual and well-focused disinformation, rumor, slander, and character assassination.

Ordinarily, Dr. Rima, General Bert and I ignore these attacks, taking them as an indication that the work we are doing is having its intended effect – and the other side does not like it one bit! As General Bert often says, “The flack is heaviest when you are right over the target…”

Sometimes, however, the defamation comes from someone who appears to be on our side, making it important to consider the attack more carefully.

Is it an indication that the attacker is misinformed? Actually controlled opposition or something else?

Dr. Rima has respected Meryl Nass, MD, as a fellow truth telling physician. So when Dr. Nass casually tossed off a pair of horrifyingly defamatory statements in an interview, link below, she was, in her words, “flabbergasted, hurt – and intrigued.”

What would motivate Dr. Nass, if she feels that this calumny is a real possibility, to NOT reach out to Dr. Rima and seek clarification? Or is it possible that factual clarification is not the issue here, being of little interest to Dr. Nass and her colleagues at Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Children’s Health Defense?

Dr. Rima wrote Dr. Nass the following letter last week but has received no response.

The letter follows in its entirety. Your thoughts in the comments section below are welcome.

For Truth and Freedom,
Counsel Ralph

“Dear Meryl,

I was just watching your interview with Alison Morrow* and learned that you believe that I may be “untrustworthy” although I “seem not to be”, because I was married to Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III who was, you incorrectly assert, “in charge of psychological warfare.”

There are several problems with your incorrect data, the dissemination of which does neither one of us any good and defames the memory of a true health freedom hero.


1. General Bert retired in 1984, 7 years before I met him

2. He was never “in charge of psychological warfare”, but was, during his career, the Commanding General “in charge of” the Army Intelligence Center and School at Ft. Huachuca, the Electronics Research and Development Command (ERADCOM) at Ft. Mead and, for his final command, “in charge of” the Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) at Arlington Hall Station, the Major Command from which he retired.

If you check out the mission, organization and activities of INSCOM, (INSCOM – U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command) you will see that while it did have counterintelligence responsibilities in addition to human and signals intelligence requirements, it did not have psychological warfare ones.

3. When I met General Bert in 1991, he sincerely believed that the Church Committee’s order to the CIA to end MKUltra and related programs had, in fact, been carried out. He was astonished and dismayed to learn from me that those programs had continued. I knew that because I had treated victims of those horrors and their children as a psychiatrist.

If you understand military compartmentalization and what “Need to Know” means, you will understand that while General Bert held every security clearance of which he was aware, he was not read into every program and never sought to gain information that he did not have a need to know.

Thus, his total ignorance of the mind-control experiments and psyops you glibly, but incorrectly, asserted that he was “in charge of”.

4. In 1984, General Bert had been placed on the 3 Star promotion list and assigned to take over command of NSA. When he became aware of the CIA’s role as the world’s leading drug dealer (and more) and refused to participate in its cover or activities, as he would have been required to do in his role as NSA’s Commanding General, he was retired without notice or warning in 2 weeks time.
He made it clear to the Army that he loved and served with pride and honor that his fealty to truth and decency were greater than his fealty to the Army and that he would not lie or support evil doing and was swiftly ejected by that organization. There is a book about this matter called, if I am not mistaken, “Operation Yellowfruit”.

5. When we met, General Bert was earning his living as a defense contractor, dependent on his security clearances. Once I presented him with the truth of what I knew about how the US and its, as we would call them now, Globalist masters, were controlling events and destroying our freedoms, he surrendered all of his security clearances because he no longer wished to serve a system he now understood was deeply corrupt.

6. In 2002, a patient of mine who was a ruling monarch told me that “it was almost time for the Great Culling of the Useless Eaters”. to begin. After my research revealed without any ambiguity that such a culling, along with a profound destruction of humanity, was, indeed, the precise intention of the would-be oligarchs, General Bert and I closed our practice of medicine (my license, but we ran it together) to derail the globalist genocidal agenda and support global health freedom since our side thinks and acts tactically and, thus, tends not to do very well against the globalist forces. General Bert was a strategic genius and I am reasonably good at strategic thinking.

We realized that if strong strategists did not get involved, our side would continue to lose every battle until there were no freedoms left to lose.

7. We closed our practice of drug free medicine and psychiatry, from which we now earned our living, and sold our house so that we had something to live on, and created the Natural Solutions Foundation. We donated, quite literally, every penny we had to support it, writing, lecturing, attending meetings around the world and traveling widely to bring awareness to these realities long before talking about them was counted as something that sane people did. But we continued to do it because it needed to be done.

8. General Bert was the highest ranking military officer to speak out against the official 9/11 narrative and he did so not knowing if his pension, which was now the major source of our income, might well be terminated for that public position.

He was ostracised and ejected by his West Point classmates, who banned him from their online Bulletin Board for his outspoken truth speech, which also ran against their official narrative.

If you know anything about the tight bond of brotherhood in that world, you will understand what a painful sacrifice that was for him. He continued to speak truth regardless of the cost then and, literally, to the end of his life, no matter what the cost.

He spoke the truth because he was a man of absolute honor and invariably put that honor before his own personal interests or loyalty to any institution if that institution had proven unworthy of his loyalty.

9. In October, 2006, George W Bush signed a law which made it a crime to “hold terrorist sympathies” and, on the same day, signed an Executive Order cancelling all Habeas Corpus rights. General Bert turned to me and said, “We have to leave the US. If we stay here, they will kill us. We are too noisy.”

We moved to Thailand to try to keep it from becoming a GMO rice country since it was the world’s leading exporter of rice and held a position of moral leadership in the developing world. We failed.

We then moved to Panama and set up an Eco Demonstration Center, Valley of the Moon, teaching farmers around the world how to reclaim their land, running international educational programs (including a medical center) and continuing our health freedom work in the US and world wide.

Following Fukushima, we moved to Chile to create a commercial-sized low radiation food supply for the Northern Hemisphere while continuing our political work for health freedom in the US and globally.

10. In August, 2016, we made what was supposed to be a 2-3 week trip to the US to get IV nutrition, Axis Orthogonal Chiropractic and some other related medical treatments for General Bert since our Medical Center was not yet operational in Santiago, Chile.

11. On Friday, September 1, 2016, General Bert received an IV laced with a still unidentified poison from a nutritional physician we later learned was a CIA asset. That evening he collapsed and was dying.

Instead of allowing him to die on the floor in my arms, I called an ambulance and spent the next 158 days trying to keep the doctors from finishing the job. This involved going to Court to get a stay against attempted medical murder and much more.

From his hospital bed, when he was able to speak after emerging from coma, through a tracheostomy valve, General Bert was making videos as he continued to speak his truth to rally the troops and inspire both hope and action.

He was murdered for speaking truth both to power and to those who believe, through social conditioning, that they are powerless. He was killed for speaking the same truth that I spend my life continuing to speak and write, about 20 hours per day.

The day before his birthday in February, 2017, a strange doctor walked into his room and plunged a large syringe with a reddish liquid into either his femoral artery or vein – I could not tell precisely where the entry point was.

General Bert collapsed into unconsciousness and died some hours later in my arms in the ICU where, I later learned, an unidentified authority had cancelled every test ordered by both his attending physician and the ICU doctor – a total of 52 canceled tests, all necessary to guide his treatment if he were to have any chance of surviving. The reason given was that the patient was deceased. Except that he was not dead – not quite yet.

12. Since his death on his 87th birthday, February 6, 2017, there have been 9 serious, credible attempts on my life.

The last one occurred on an Army Base when I made an appointment to renew my Military Dependent ID, necessary for my Medicare Secondary.

General Bert lived in honor and was killed for it.

In summary, Meryl, you have casually, and without cause, maligned a brilliant, brave and truly honorable man with a totally false and completely unwarranted allegation since he had absolutely no part in any psychological warfare, consistently served the good of humanity in preference to his own interests and gave his life in payment for being the warrior for truth and freedom that he was.

Your casual dismissal of my life’s work and service to the same truth damages efforts to get the US and other countries out of the death organizations, toward which end you are also working and is irritating to me because it is both unwarranted and destructive.

I know from other sources that this set of untrue allegations has had wide negative consequences. Given that our resources are infinitely more sparse than those of our adversaries, dismissing and diminishing anyone on our team because of baseless suppositions is an unwise squandering of scarce and valuable political capital.

And it is really disappointing.

I cannot expect you to change your mind since you made it up on the basis of faulty intel and did not ever seek to verify or challenge your conclusions by reaching out to me directly. But I can advise you not to disparage the name and reputation of a valiant warrior unless you have factual reason to do so. And while you are at it, I would really appreciate it if, whatever you think is true about me, you refrain from either libel or slander, for which the only defense is truth. There is, in fact, no truth whatsoever in your assertion about General Bert and therefore there is no truth in your conclusions about me.

Should you choose to reach out to me, my phone number is (908) 337-6115. I am in Arizona which, at this time of year, is on Pacific time.

Since you chose to make your false allegations about General Bert and me publicly, I feel free to share this email with a number of people whose good opinion I respect but whose thoughts about General Bert and me may have been tainted by these assertions.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation



* https://rumble.com/v3jtl7g-who-applauds-historic-pandemic-commitment-dr.-meryl-nass.html

12 thoughts on “Dr. Nass’s Defamation of Gen. Bert? Dr. Rima Corrected

  1. Dr. Rima,

    Thanks to you for sharing your correspondence to Dr. Nass. It is amazing that you have not received a response.

    I know you are aware and truthful about all these events as I have been following your activities since the early teens—- about 20 years now. (Wow, time flies)!

    Thank you for all you have done and do currently to help people manage this situation. I personally benefited (unknowingly) as I was employed by various pharmaceutical orgs for 20+ years and walked away in 2012… I walked minus anything, my only regret being the lack of funds I currently have to function effectively….as I would gladly donate to you/your organization!

    Be well! Prosper and Thrive!

  2. Dr. Nass seems like a very self-righteous person, and more into self-aggrandizement and being seen as a “hero” than into seeking to save us from the “GMO (‘Global(-government) Monstrosity Organization’)”. The egos of such people are not at all surprising since most people are Godless; and, since Meryl Nass never seems to give any glory to God, it’s pretty clear that she, like most prominent “‘Covid’ ‘truthtellers'”, is on a self-aggrandizing ego trip, gallivanting all over the world saying, “Look at me, look at me! I don’t want the attention taken off of me by other truthtellers that I believe, based on my ‘expert’ authority concerning same, I am ‘justified’ in denigrating because I am ‘superior’ to them!” So, take her Godless bullpucky with a grain of salt, because her Godless ego will only backfire on her and bring about her undoing, if it isn’t already doing so.

    1. I call it Biblical “karma”, and it is soon going to come from God, ONLY God, to her and all those like her, “backbiters” (aka, gossipers and promulgators of false rumor and other falsehoods about people. Apparently Dr. Nass claims to be a “Christian”, but evidently she doesn’t understand that God’s Word(s), very clearly, in Revelation 21:7-8 and 22:14-15, declare that NO ONE who is a liar is going to get into heaven in any way whatsoever.

  3. Dearest Dr Rima
    Wow what a brave, direct, determined,dedicated woman and a warrior for the truth.
    You have opened so May people to the Real truth and allow us to hear the facts and I support you in all my prayers and continually surround you in protection from our highest power!
    Love and light

  4. Very well written (and polite!) letter. Nass owes you a public apology, but I’m not holding my breath… what she does about this now will speak volumes about her character and allegiances.

  5. I am flabbergasted! My opinion for both of you has always been on a pedestal. You have both educated and inspired me at times. I am truly sorry this has happened. So sorry this has happened to you.

  6. Dear Dr. Rima,
    You have been a major inspiration to me since 2018 when I sought out Life Spirit Church because it’s beliefs complemented my own Medical Freedom concerns. You probably saved my life as well as my husband’s as the information you shared regarding the Coodie 19 gene therapy penetration gave me the strength and conviction to stand up to incredible pressure from almost all of my friends and family members. I assisted a Church Communicant maintain their federal government job by following all of the HR requirements in a timely manner while maintaining their Constitutional, sincerely held religious objection to the gene therapy penetration. Thanks to you, I’m aware of the potential of transfection and truth regarding us as useless eaters. Listening to you intently with much appreciation and admiration has assisted me to help others stand up to pressure effectively so as not loose their jobs or ability to attend educational institutions in light of Biden’s Coodie 19 Mandate. Know that you have helped so many. I have a highly developed nose for who deserve to be trusted or distrusted. You, Ralph, and RFK Jr. fall into the worthy of trust category. Recently, I’ve noticed marked increase in freedom loving truth advocates distrusting other, like minded truth proponents. An example is Dr. SHIVA, PhD who posted a video on You Tube disclosing his distrust of Tucker, RFK Jr. and others. I find this concerning and believe he, possibly like Dr. Nass, may have been given information designed to discourage dissidents from working together? United we stand while divided we are weaker…. Thank you for disclosing important specifics regarding General Bert’s passing. He truly lived and died as a warrior of light and truth. Please know your messages have been very helpful and ARE reaching the masses. Thank you

  7. Dr. Rima you are a beacon of light and inspiration to me. I pray you are training several apprentices to carry on your most valuable work!
    Thank you for sharing your response to Dr. Nash. I did not know the details of many of the events you recalled. Dr. Nash stands corrected whether she acknowledges it or not.
    May the angels forever protect you!

  8. Let no man or women decieved you by any means. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names or lies will never hurt me !!!! Be not offended the 👿 devil does what he does. Do good even to your enemy’s and they will suffer. 💜🙏

  9. Everyone, please realize that many of those speaking out are either controlled opposition, have a personal / financial agenda, or just plain useful idiots. A friend of mine was arrested and sent to jail with horrific treatment for not wanting to give all his personal info and to pay with cash for a rally conference by the so called ‘good guys’ of the freedom / Convid resistance movement! You know who they are. Stripped him of clothes and thrown in solitary confinement and no phone call or attorney allowed! Know that all the players are on the same team, leading you to the slaughter. Unfortunately they are also using Christians and religion to do it. We must save ourselves banding together and standing in truth! Keep standing and speaking the truth Dr Rima!

  10. Major General Albert Stubblebine lll, what an incredible man. Stand firm Dr.Laibow, your work
    is invaluable, my family have you all to thank for the information you have shared over these many years.
    I hope you receive a full reply & apology.

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