What’s YOUR Problem: Notice #2

What’s YOUR Problem?
You Can Hold Officials Personally Accountable
Natural Solutions through Natural Law with
David Jose and the AffidavitMommas

Got a problem? 5G tower near you? [One of those is about to be turned-on, 20 feet from my house.]

Unresponsive school board? Corrupt officials harming you and your community? Unjust insurance denials? Medical kidnapping? Sadly, the list of abuses like these is long and painful to think about.

It turns out, however, that you actually can fight city hall. IF you know what to do and precisely how to do it.

I won’t tell you that I’ve got a magic pill. I do have a step-by-step process, though, that when carried out properly-and buttressed by massive numbers of people making the same demands in the same way – no matter where they live (!), your chances of getting the problem resolved successfully skyrocket.

There’s a lot to learn so that there are no missteps or mistakes. That’s why Natural Solutions Foundation has teamed up with SBK (that stands for Serious Butt Kicker) David Jose and the remarkable group of rights activists called the AffidaviMommas.

Meet the AffidavitMommas and David Jose on the Dr Rima Truth Reports podcasts, archived at:   https://rumble.com/c/c-905913

David, AffidavitMommas and Natural Solutions Foundation are creating a platform to secure your rights, the Peoples’ Rights, to solve your problems, the Peoples’ Problems. 

It’s a process. We’ll teach you what your rights and remedies are, guide you through the process a of creating and implementing that remedy and help you connect with a community of others facing the same issues to bring the all-important impact of large numbers to help you prevail.

Hundreds of you participated in the First Letter, our “test case” where we warned the Tucson AZ City Council that it must pay attention to the law limiting the placement of 5G towers.  Now it’s time for the Second Letter which tells them to Cease and Desist illegal 5G approvals immediately.  Both letters outline the law that the City Council and other government agents must follow, and how they failed to follow it.

The experience of the AffidavitMommas is that government agents, when shown the error of their ways AND THEIR PERSONAL LIABILITY, often beat a hasty retreat, restoring people’s rights.  That is what we aim to do in Tucson, and thereafter… everywhere!

If you haven’t taken action with Letter #1, here is where you can do that:


And here is the link for you to send Letter #2. You can send it without having sent the first.


Push Back works! Numbers count. Please act today, our system sends your email to all relevant government agents. Remember, Notice to the Agent is Notice to the Principal.

Share this message with this link:  http://www.opensourcetruth.com/notice2

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

4 thoughts on “What’s YOUR Problem: Notice #2

  1. Well-I shall get this spread PRONTO , FAR and WIDE Across AMERICA. We should find that unjust, unwarranted exorbitant Taxes are the common denominator that should distract “Mr. & Mrs. American Bingoer and Bowler” from their play time to realize that compounded corruption like a poison ivy vine spreads from down in “YOUR TOWN” and Metastasizes like a cancer right up to D.C. and Our state Capitols. The” Common Regulating Denominator” , (GOD), has been flung out on the streets of every capitol in the U.S.A. So our elected officials have the mistaken idea that like Satan they too would RULE Instead of Represent. So “Fellow Americans”, IT’S HIGH TIME TO TURN THIS MESS AROUND—-OR Your children will ask you “Why did you let them make us slaves, Mommy and Daddy?????”

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