WHO Treaty to Create NWO: MUST STOP IT!

Gates/Globalist WHO Pushing Treaty to
Take Over World Governance
Worldwide Push Back to Stop Them
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You didn’t think once the COVID narrative fell apart the globalists would give up, did you? Their latest ploy is a devastatingly bad Treaty that will give WHO, a horribly anti-health organization total world control in the event of the next handy-dandy propagandemic.  We still have time to stop it by joining the Worldwide Resistance Movement.

I urge you to tune in this week to the Dr. Rima Truth Reports where you can learn more about the next step in the global push for tyrannical control “for your own health and safety” now being hawked by WHO and its robotic cheerleaders and how we can stop it.

The World Council for Health, our affiliates in health and freedom worldwide, join us once a month to bring us a global perspective on health freedom and this Tuesday, March 29, 2022 (6-8 PM Eastern) we have a stellar panel of experts from around the world focused on the danger of the Treaty and how to defeat it.

World Council for Health is a real World Health Organization devoted to freedom, autonomy and truth using powerful science, law, values and communication. You will not want to miss this exceptional edition of the Dr. Rima Truth Reports. How to hear it:  http://www.opensourcetruth.com/ost-podcast/

Our guests include Kat Lindley, MD, Mark Trozzi, MD, Michael Alexander, Constitutional Lawyer.



Right now, today, click this link http://www.opensourcetruth.com/notice2/ to send Notice No. 2 to the people responsible for violating the law, the Constitution and my rights by erecting a powerful 5G military-grade weapon system pair of antennae just 20′ from my house.

More than 500 of us have already clicked this link, https://inhere.salsalabs.org/Tucson5GNotice — Notice No 1, to automatically send electronic notice of the officials’ violation of law, constitution and Oath of Office to the Mayor and City Council of Tucson, the Governor or Arizona, Arizona Attorney General and legislators, plus a whole lot of others responsible for this violation of law and rights.

Now I need all of you to take the next step in the process and send Notice No. 2 here, https://inhere.salsalabs.org/Stop5GLetter2 .

Next week there will be Notice No. 3 and the week after, the big gun: the signed, Notarized (online) Affidavit.

Let Me Tell You Where We Are In This Battle:

The responsible parties, who are quite used to breaking whatever oaths and laws they choose, did not expect a deluge of educational Notices telling them specifically which laws and oaths they were violating, that such violation constitutes illegal activity and that we are holding them personally responsible for these actions. Personally.

By the way, since the Constitution of the US and of each State guarantees Equal Protection Under the Law, you have the same right to show them the error of their ways and demand that they stop as someone who lives in Tucson.

That’s why, when you are ready to take action against the 5G network in your town, we can support you the way you are supporting me here in Tucson.

This past Friday, March 25, 2022, teams of local people here in Tucson took 50 copies out of the more than 500 Notices sent in, each 6 pages long, to each of the 6 councilmen/women and the mayor. We delivered them to members of the staff who were then obligated to deliver them to the appropriate persons.

We obtained video recordings of the service to the staff members and signed receipts. That will be useful later in legal proceedings.

After you send Notice #2 electronically, this coming week our teams we will deliver Notice #2 physically. Use this link to send Notice #2 here: https://inhere.salsalabs.org/Stop5GLetter2.

I particularly like Notice #3, coming up next week, which specifically states that because I am electromagnetically hypersensitive, an official disability, and have demanded accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Arizona mirror legislation (every state has such a mirroring act), they have violated another set of laws and my guaranteed rights, opening them to yet more personal liability.

We’ll deliver that, too. (I did tell you this was a process, not a magic pill, right?) and then, the following week, we’ll be delivering signed and notarized affidavits after you send those in electronically, too.

Each document tells them that they are required to provide each of us with a detailed response and that the lack of such a response is an admission of the accuracy of our charges and statements through acquiescence.

Right now, with these Notices, and, shortly, the Affidavit, you are helping me deter these wrong doers from starting up a weaponized technology that can harm or kill me and my lovely dogs.

Natural Solutions Foundation knows this is such a powerful technique that we are working with the brilliant David Jose and the astonishing AffidavitMommas.com to create a program especially for our supporters – for you – so that you can select the problem that is of most concern to you right now.

Then, learning from and working with David, the AMs and other people who are concerned with the problem that is at the top of your list, we’ll help you create your Notices and Affidavits and carry out the same process that you are helping me with right now. Push Back Works!

And we will support your Push Back the same way you are supporting mine.

We believe the Notices and Affidavits process has massive potential to force elected, appointed and employed officials to conform to the law, serve the people and, in essence, take back the government so that it is responsive to, and serves, We, the People.

Notices #1, 2, 3 and the related Affidavits concerning the potentially lethal 5G system at my doorstep is a test case of this Push Back method. So far the dangerous tower remains inactive.

If you have not done already, send Notice #1 right now, https://inhere.salsalabs.org/Tucson5GNotice. Remember to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the long letter to add your signature and data.

The next step is to send Notice #2 which follows up Notice #1 by using this link, https://inhere.salsalabs.org/Stop5GLetter2.

And share this message everywhere with this link — http://www.opensourcetruth.com/who-treaty-to-create-nwo-must-stop-it/ —  use your  Social Media footprint to let people know that there is a way that they can Push Back against 5 G and that’s only the beginning!

Thank you for joining with us here at Natural Solutions Foundation to take back our health, our freedom, our government and our power.

Stay tuned for Notice #3 and the Affidavit.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima


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Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima & Counsel Ralph


4 thoughts on “WHO Treaty to Create NWO: MUST STOP IT!

  1. Thanks for your faithful efforts in getting the truth out. I’ve followed the “scamdemic” since day-1, have never masked and speak to everyone I can including doctors, nurses and pharmacists (drug dealers). But, still, they mask. Fear, ignorance, apathy. “Sheeple”. Not much faith left in the medical community (there are still the good ones). I’ve done the same with 4G and 5G. Even been to our City Council only to be met with, “It’s the law. We can’t do anything.” Ya, right! They are closing in with the “vaccines” and with 5G. I’m doing my part but feel like these are global (just like geoengineering/chemtrails) and difficult to do anything to stop it. But, I’m trying!!

  2. Who needs to be dismantled and all of you charged with crimes against humanity! You are all complicit in genocide and your manipulations of the data along with censorship of the truth. World Holocaust Organization that has done irrefutable damage to the human race in your unlawFul push of toxic jabs. Follow the money work for the Gates foundation who was allowed to maime and murders children in thrift world countries. Tesoro’s is an ex gang militants that didn’t even qualify for a prison cell let alone WHO position. DO NOT think your stomping on our rights under and circumstances and getting away with it !! Justice will be served by the constitutional laws educate yourself WHO you will need it

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