Notices & Affidavits Push Back

What’s YOUR Problem?
You Can Hold Officials Personally Accountable
Natural Solutions through Natural Law with
David Jose and the AffidavitMommas
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Got a problem? 5G tower near you?

Unresponsive school board? Corrupt officials harming you and your community? Unjust insurance denials? Medical kidnapping?

Sadly, the list of abuses like these is long and painful to think about.

It turns out, however, that you actually can fight city hall IF you know what to do and precisely how to do it.

I won’t tell you that I’ve got a magic pill.

I do have a step by step process, though, that when carried out properly-and buttressed by massive numbers of people making the same demands in the same way – no matter where they live (!), your chances of getting the problem resolved successfully skyrocket.

There’s a lot to learn so that there are no missteps or mistakes. That’s why Natural Solutions Foundation has teamed up with SBK (that stands for Serious Butt Kicker) David Jose and the remarkable group of rights activists called the AffidaviMommas.

You met Deborah Boehm of the AffidavitMommas on the Dr Rima Truth Reports, This week, you can meet SBK David Jose. Listen on Tuesday at 6-8PM Eastern.

David, AffidavitMommas and Natural Solutions Foundation are creating a platform to use your rights,  the Peoples’ Rights, to solve your problems, the Peoples’ Problems.

It’s a process. We’ll teach you what your rights and remedies are, guide you through the process a of creating and implementing that remedy and help you connect with a community of others facing the same issues to bring the all-important impact of large numbers to help you prevail.

You do not want to miss this interview and you will want to be part of the solution – the Natural Solution!

Take our Poll on Notices & Affidavits here:  

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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